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Nicole Kidman is raised about her belief

The actress Nicole Kidman is a staunch Catholic. She also lives her faith in her marriage to singer Keith Urban. But their conviction does not only find supporters.
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Nicole Kidman is a fixture in Hollywood. Whether it’s an Oscar, Emmy or Golden Globe, she has already received all the major awards. In an article in Vanity Fair magazine, she now also talks about her beliefs.

She regularly goes to church with her husband Keith Urban and their two children: “This is how we raise our children. Keith has his own belief, but he comes with you, “she said in the interview. She had a very Catholic grandmother who prayed with her. That had a big impact on her.

Kidman wanted to be a nun

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She also stood by her belief to Allure magazine: “I am spiritual in the sense that I absolutely believe in God.” At times she even thought about becoming a nun. The most important thing for her is not to judge others: “My father would say: ‘Tolerance is the most important.'” But not all of them appreciate the 51-year-olds’ conviction: “Many of my friends raise me because of my faith,” explains them in the Vanity Fair.

She herself always has questions about faith. After all, she is a headstrong, spirited girl. And she doesn’t want to raise her children strictly either: “I want my daughters to have a moral compass. But in the end they should make their own decision about how important religion is to them. And which one they choose, ”she said in an interview with the Berliner Kurier.

She also shows this conviction with her adopted children from her first marriage to Tom Cruise, Connor and Isabella. These are like, like adoptive father Cruise, Scientologists. “You made the decision to be a Scientologist, and as a mother, it’s my job to love you,” the Hollywood Reporter quotes.



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