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Natalie Portman and Julianne Moore star in Todd Haynes’ “May December”

Natalie Portman Julianne Moore May December

Left: Natalie Portman in Song to Song © 2017 FilmNation Entertainment / Broad Green Pictures
Right: Julianne Moore in Gloria – Life doesn’t wait © 2018 FilmNation Entertainment / A24

Source: Deadline

Natalie Portman and Julianne Moore are among the best actresses of their generations. Both won an Oscar each – Portman 2011 for Black Swan, Moore a few years later for Quiet Alice – and have been nominated for numerous others. It’s almost surprising that these two Hollywood greats have never worked together before, but that will soon change thanks to director Todd Haynes. Haynes is best for his ornate, empathetic love dramas So far from heaven and Carol who were each nominated for several Academy Awards. Haynes has worked with Moore five times, most recently at

In May December Portman will play Hollywood actress Elizabeth Berry, who spends time with the family of Gracie Atherton-Yu (Moore) and her husband, Joe, 23 years her junior in scenic Camden, Massachusetts in preparation for a film in which she will play Gracie . Twenty years earlier, the love story of Gracie and her significantly younger husband dominated the headlines of the tabloids (the title May December is by the way a term for a relationship in which there is a clear age difference between the two partners). Now, the couple’s twins are about to graduate from high school, and Joe, who has never really processed what happened in his youth, is confronted with the reality of an empty family nest at age 36. As Elizabeth and Gracie get to know each other, similarities and differences between the two women come and go like the tide.

The themes of the film are different facets of the truth, storytelling and the difficulty or inability to fully understand another person. Newcomer Samy Burch wrote the script for the film, which will be produced by comedian Will Ferrell (!) And directed by Haynes next year – possibly to be released in time for the Oscar season 2022. It will be after safe, So far from heaven, I’m not there and Wonderstruck be the fifth collaboration between Haynes and Moore. It’s not yet clear who will play Gracie’s husband Joe, but both Portman and Moore’s roles sound like they have potential to earn the actresses new Academy Award nominations. The two are also the main reason that piqued my interest in the film.

Todd Haynes’ last film, Poisoned truth (OT: Dark Waters) was shown in our cinemas last year and told the gripping and sometimes shocking story about the lawsuit against the chemical company DuPont, which contaminated the groundwater in a small town in West Virginia for years. In contrast to the comparable Erin Brockovich received Poisoned truth Unfortunately, hardly any attention at the box office or at award ceremonies, which does not do justice to the great and important film.



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