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Natalie Portman (40): “I don’t want to be young again for no money”

COURIER: How would you describe yourself? Are you someone who likes to take risks? Are you daring?

Natalie Portman: I’m not a big daredevil. I would say I’m not averse to making risky decisions, but I’m cautious nonetheless. I like working with interesting directors. I love Hochschaubahn. But I would never do anything that is really dangerous or even life-threatening.

What did you want to be as a child?

Astronaut. I’m the generation that was inspired by Sally Ride (the first American woman in space, 2012). We learned about her in school and it was my absolute dream. When I put on the suit for “Lucy in the Sky”, I was in heaven.

You are very committed to women’s rights and signed the 50/50 agreement in Hollywood, which aims for women to get half of all directing and production jobs. Do you see any progress?

There are hurdles at every level. It is more difficult for women to be hired for studio projects but also for independent films, it is more difficult to get into festivals, to get marketing budgets, to be advertised, to find a distributor. We all have an unconscious bias that we still believe that certain jobs are only for men.

You made your worldwide breakthrough as Queen Amidala in “Star Wars”, shaved your head for “V for Vendetta” and took on risky parts – like that of the stripper in “Closer”. Are there any roles that you would no longer play today?

Yes, I don’t want to play a mother because that’s me in real life, and I’m much more interested in finding something that is very different from my life, that is not a version of me.

Which star do you prefer to work with?

I would have to say Jude Lawbecause I’ve already made four films with him. I was 19 when we did the first one, “Cold Mountain”. Then came “Closer” and “Blueberry Nights”. In 2018 we then shot “Vox Lux”. He’s one of the best actors I know and he’s one of the nicest people. I feel very comfortable with him.



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