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Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher: is their relationship toxic?

Mila & Ashton: Just before the love break?

Denial is futile! You can see Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher, how bad they are right now. SHE is grief-stricken stopped eating and reportedly lost eight pounds, HE lets himself go completely: The “Two and a Half Men”-Star came recently unwashed and unkempt for a PR appointment on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood. Not even for the crowd of fans and photographers present he pulled himself together!

Ashton looked lethargic and so powerless that a hostess asked him if he was sick,

reports a reporter.

The actor did not contract a virus, but something else seems to poison him: his marriage! Stuck Mila and Ashton stuck in a toxic relationship? Sure, we’ve all been dissatisfied with our partner at some point.

OK!-Expert Eric Hegmann explains about toxic relationships

According to a recent study, six out of ten couples are unhappy in their relationship. But there is one big difference between relationship frustration (you can work on that!) and a toxic love. Because as the name suggests, the latter is destructive to the soul and body.

You have to free yourself from this relationship pattern, because it makes you sick! According to OK!-Expert Eric Hegmann then it becomes dangerous “When manipulation and violence – mentally or physically – are added.” The Parship psychologist explains:

The main indicator of the toxic relationship is inequality. If the needs of your partner are more important to you than your own, this speaks for an unbalanced partnership. This often goes hand in hand neglecting one’s own needs. Or maybe your partner is neglecting you.

Hegmann points out: “You may be manipulated by him – it can be done so skillfully that you will not be believed at first, because your partner appears very different to the outside world and in the end you doubt your own perception.”

Admitting a problem is difficult for many of those affected because:

In an emotional dependency you will often not even realize how you are suffering because you have the impression that it is okay the way it is, that you deserve it and not otherwise.

It’s clear: Physical violence is never okay. If its about psychological violence through permanent devaluation or power struggles, that’s more difficult … ”

“You deserve something better!”

Is this former dream couple really endangered? Hardly a week goes by in which no new marital crisis is conjured up. the Points of contention are always the samebut no solution is in sight.

Lack of trust, hardly any tenderness, notorious reproaches! Ashton doesn’t let herself be banned from flirting – and as long as Wyatt, 4, and Dimitri, 2, are still so small, there is no relaxation on the family front.

“You deserve something better!” Mila has allegedly heard this often from her friends. You should take these alarm signals seriously, because outsiders often recognize much more quickly that something is wrong.

Text: Vivienne Herbst

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