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MCU: This Marvel hero was supposed to be played by Vin Diesel – News 2021

Vin Diesel has become an indispensable part of Hollywood. In recent years, the action star has mostly starred in his own Fast And Furious franchise, but series like Triple X and Pitch Black also made Diesel a star around the turn of the millennium. He had many other offers. Diesel could even have played two Marvel heroes.

In 2014 a film “Guardians Of The Galaxy” was released, which should not only bring about a successful sequel and a third part that is still in progress, but also an important part of the MCU. The Guardians are not only guests in the Avengers finale, but also in the upcoming Thor film and expand the MCU with a colorful and funny troop in an otherwise quite serious franchise. An important part of the “Guardians Of The Galaxy” is Groot, a very taciturn alien tree that has saved his friends more than once with his botanical skills. Groot is spoken in the original tone by Vin Diesel, who only had to learn one word in different pitches for the role: Groot.

Even if you don’t immediately associate Vin Diesel with the MCU, Groot is very popular and Diesel is therefore appreciated by Marvel fans. But that could have been different, because many years before the Guardians, the Hollywood star had other offers on his desk. So Marvel offered two roles. On the one hand Diesel could have played Daredevil in the movie from 2003, on the other hand Marvel would have liked to see Diesel as a Punisher in the cinema. But Vin Diesel turned down both offers and both “Daredevil” from 2003 and “Punisher” from 2004 flopped and Diesel can be very happy not to have embarrassed himself.

But he did everything right with Groot in 2014 and is now part of two of the most successful cinema franchises of all time.

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