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Matt Damon gave up 10 percent of the profit

Avatar: Matt Damon gave up 10 percent of the profit

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Matt Damon as Jason Bourne (c) Universal Pictures

There are career decisions that you regret when the film flops, but also those that you might have preferred because you missed a payday. Matt Damon shouldn’t be gnawing at the hunger cloth, but he has turned down a unique opportunity: a share of the profits in the mega blockbuster Avatar.

If you had the chance to buy shares in Facebook, Amazon, Apple or Google today at the price of the first IPO, would you turn it down? “Jason Bourne“-Star Matt Damon has experienced something similar and could not have known at the time what a box office hit”Avatar – Departure for Pandora“Should be once. In 2021, the box office will have total earnings of over $ 2.7 billion. A hint would have “Titanic” can offer. The other James Cameron plant that hit over two billion at the box office. So you should always take the filmmaker seriously.

What was going on? In 2009 Damon was offered a role in his film that was linked to a generous profit sharing. During the Cannes Film Festival Masterclass he said: “I was offered a role in a little movie called ‘Avatar’. James Cameron offered me 10 percent of that. I will go down in history as the actor who turned down the most money of all time.“If you can’t figure it out in your head: That would probably have been around 270 million dollars in the best case. The restriction is necessary because, of course, not all of the film’s gross profit is made up of profit. Damon does not specify what 10 percent of it is, however. If on the whole brand, then the sum could have been even greater. George Lucas once started small and only demanded the merchandise rights to Star Wars from 20th Century Fox instead of a large fee and thus built up a billion-dollar business with which he should have paid off quickly. The sale of LucasFilm to Disney alone brought four billion into its coffers in 2012. For example, Robert Downey Jr. has a profit sharing contract with Marvel. According to IGN has Downey Jr. for “Iron man“Collected only $ 500,000 in 2008, while at”Avengers: Endgame“Then get $ 20 million base salary and then later collect eight percent of the film profits, which amounts to around $ 55 million, so his total compensation was $ 75 million.

Why did Damon turn down the role? Scheduling conflicts. He was filming the Bourne series and did not want to get out of his star role. He also told John Krasinski about the offer. The Office actor, who is also the main character in Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, reportedly said: “Nothing in your life would have been different if you had done ‘Avatar’, except that we would now have this conversation in space.“It’s the Jake Sully role that Sam Worthington later took on, by the way. But he did not receive the same offer. Surely he will have been well remunerated as well. In addition, Worthington will also play a role in the sequels, which should come to theaters from 2022, if they are not postponed again.

And Damon will certainly not complain, because in his career he has appeared in many films, big and small. This includes “The Martian“,”Elysium“,”Interstellar“,”Ford v Ferrari” or “Stillwater” and “Thor: Love and Thunder“.

Avatar – Departure for Pandora

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