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Mark Wahlberg: His 7 Secrets to Success (and Millions)

Mark Wahlberg is already a film legend. He’s managed to get up in the ranks that keep the cash registers ringing with blockbusters and explosive action films.

In addition, the actor is famous for his intense training. When it comes to putting on muscles and getting in shape, he’s even being emulated by other actors, coaches, and bodybuilders. Not only that, Mark Wahlberg is also a successful entrepreneur and has very good success lessons that everyone can learn from.

His career began in the 1980s when he became known by the stage name Marky Mark, which he used as a rapper. He then made films such as “Jim Carroll – In the Streets of New York” (in which he appeared alongside Leonardo DiCaprio), “Fear” and “Boogie Nights”. He later founded a successful burger restaurant that his fans visit.

But how did Mark Wahlberg make it to the top of Hollywood? By working hard, taking on projects he knew would work, and following some principles. As a result, he managed to build a fortune worth around $ 350 million.

The key to Mark Wahlberg’s success:

# 1 use math

No, it’s not about counting your money. It’s about analyzing a project and taking into account what it can bring to your life. They then compare whether the wins outweigh the losses (which may or may not have to be money) and make a smarter decision based on that.

Allegedly this was the technique with which Mark Wahlberg accepted the job in Martin Scorsese’s “Departed”. This rule helped him realize that this could have many more career and personal life benefits.

# 2 Trust What You Know

Wahlberg says you should trust your instincts, both in your career and in training. “I do my own routine,” he once said. “My philosophy, and that goes for golf too, is that I don’t listen to someone who is not in better shape than I am. Just like you don’t want to listen to someone who is not in better shape than you. That will cause some damage. “

# 3 Take advantage of your bad moments

It’s about setting realistic and achievable goals that will allow you to grow incrementally. “I was a kid who dreamed of becoming a professional athlete and then I realized I wasn’t even going to high school,” said the actor. “At that point, I was like, ‘OK, I’ll be in trouble again and again for the rest of my life. I knew I didn’t want to do that anymore. “

This difficult period helped the actor focus on his future: “Everything that had nothing to do with crime was for me. As I got older, of course, my ambitions changed. This also applies to my goals and my expectations of myself. “

The actor is also an entrepreneur

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# 4 You have to diversify

Wahlberg once said he knew he couldn’t do the same thing forever, so it was important for him to diversify his skills and sources of income. It wasn’t just about making money, it was also about finding something that he could hold out with longer and that would protect him in case something went wrong in his career.



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