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July 07, 2021 – 15:00 clock

Kate Winslet bases her choice of foundation on her menstrual cycle.

The ‘Mare of Easttown’ actress applies a different shade of foundation to her foundation depending on how “inflamed” or “even” her complexion is during ovulation and menstruation. Speaking to Allure, she said, “Depending on my cycle, my skin can be a little more inflamed. At the beginning of my cycle my skin is much more even. In the middle of my cycle everything is a little inflamed so I mix a few tones. “

The 45-year-old actress is no longer so strict with herself. She is at an age when everything is constantly “changing” anyway. “I’ve noticed how my face has changed a bit over the past year because I’ve just had more time with myself to pay attention to these things. What I’ve found is that, to my relief, I’m just softer deal with me. I’m at the age now where things are constantly changing, “said Kate. So she calmly accepts that her skin on the neck is no longer so tight. “The skin on my neck is really different now,” admits the Oscar winner.

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