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Leonardo DiCaprio turned down the role of the absolute cult psychopath – because of 13-year-old girls

When big film roles are rejected by Hollywood stars, it invites you to a fascinating what-if. Will Smith, for example, turned down Superman for extremely annoying reasons. And his colleague Leonardo DiCaprio is also known for having spurned many offers that then gave others the big breakthrough. For example the lead role in American Psycho. The reason supposedly has to do with 13-year-old girls and reads like a thriller.

Christian Bale vs. Leonardo DiCaprio: who plays the cult serial killer?

As fans know, the content of American Psycho isn’t exactly a cute bedtime story: Rich investment banker Patrick Bateman (Christian Bale) follows his megalomaniac and nihilistic tendencies and murders colleagues, homeless people and women in the most cruel way, which he leads into his apartment for sex.

So it is perhaps no wonder that no studio has wanted to finance the film adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis’ novel for a long time. After working with shock guru David Cronenberg (via Vice ) a promising director had dropped out, a successor was found in Mary Harron (Charlie Says). And it already had the ideal main cast in mind: Christian Bale.

Could Leo have played a bloodthirsty psychopath shortly after Titanic?

When a studio was finally found with Lionsgate, it didn’t want to hear about Harron’s dreams. Lionsgate thought Bale was too unknown and rather throw yourself up to Leonardo DiCaprio, at that time the greatest rising star in the Hollywood sky through Titanic.

Leonardo DiCaprio ultimately rejects American Psycho because of teen fans

He was well aware of this and demanded a hefty price at allegedly $ 21 million for his talent. He was interested, however, in contrast to director Harron, who thought he was too boyish for the role of the bloodthirsty killer. The studio didn’t care: They put Harron and Bale, who was enthusiastic about the film, on the street and, at DiCaprio’s request, brought in Oliver Stone (Natural Born Killers) to direct.

The young shooting star was apparently able to dictate any condition to the producers. But why don’t we see one today adolescent mischievous Leo as a psychopathic cult killer? The official version reads: He and Stone couldn’t agree on the direction of the film. DiCaprio signed up for The Beach instead and Stone dropped out shortly thereafter.

The director’s favorite candidate from the start: Christian Bale

Co-screenwriter Guinevere Turner, however, has a different version ready: To the best of your knowledge, he was by influential political activist Gloria Steinem persuaded not to make the film. The reason was that she found the content of the film too terrifying for DiCaprio’s target group (via Vice ).

A friend told me that Gloria Steinem took him to a baseball game and said to him, please don’t do this movie. You just came from Titanic, there are a whole planet full of 13 year old girlswho want to see what you do next. And this is going to be a film of terrible violence against women.

Leonardo DiCaprio gets out – and it’s better for all fans

What exactly led to Leo’s exit from American Psycho is not known. What is clear, however, is that Christian Bale’s devotion to the role also ensured that fans can enjoy American Psycho in its current version: For 9 months he turned down all other roles. When the studio offered Ewan McGregor the part in American Psycho, he even persuaded him to decline.

Instead of American Psycho, DiCaprio did The Beach

Bale’s enthusiasm for the role certainly contributed to hers iconic place in film history contributed. As well as many of DiCaprio’s roles, which luckily he has not turned down.

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In your opinion, would Leonardo DiCaprio have fit into American Psycho?

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