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Kate Winslet: Get out of the emotional roller coaster

Kate Winslet
Get out of the emotional roller coaster

Kate Winslet

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Kate Winslet used to be unhappy about love affairs. Today she knows what she wants from her partner.

The world was on fire when she met him. This sentence never fit better than with Kate Winslet’s love story: When she was vacationing in the summer of 2011 in Richard Branson’s vacation home on Necker Island with her boyfriend at the time, a hurricane swept over the Caribbean island, lightning struck – and the large villa was ablaze . In underwear, her children by the hand, Kate fled outside. Another houseguest shone her way with his headlamp: Abel Smith, 43, the nephew of Richard Branson and better known by his stage name Ned Rocknroll.

Kate Winslet: “Fire welded us together”

He definitely brought rock and roll into Kate’s life. The two left the island as a couple, just under a year later they celebrated their wedding. “I just had to marry the man with the headlamp. The fire welded us together,” the actress once explained the secret of her (lightning) love. She recently raved about her “Neddy” in the “New York Times”: “He’s the super hot, almost superhumanly great father who stays at home”.

Kate Winslet and Abel Smith

Kate Winslet and Abel Smith

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Fortunately, the marketing expert can easily afford that: he comes from a banker dynasty and is wealthy from birth. He likes to take care of everything, enthuses Kate – especially her needs. He added the addition “Winslet” to his surname so that their two children from previous marriages always feel that they belong. By the way, Kate and Abel named their son Bear Blaze (“Bear Flame”) – an allusion to the dramatic get-together of his parents. Kate named him “Bear” because of her fondness for cuddly teddies.

It was not always as easy and natural as Kate Winslet’s love life is today. Back when Kate and Abel first met on Necker Island, she was actually there to digest her failed marriage with director Sam Mendes. The seven-year marriage resulted in son Joe Alfie, now 17. But Kate left Mendes “because the relationship no longer felt right”. She was previously married to director Jim Threapleton, 48, for three years; daughter Mia is now 20.

“It is important to me to look real”

In her third marriage, Kate Winslet has become emotionally clearer and more relaxed. That also affects the job. As one of the few actresses – certainly the only one in Hollywood – the Oscar winner insists that her pictures should not be retouched. At Kate’s express request, the carefully removed eye wrinkles had to be re-added to the movie poster for her series “Mare Of Easttown”. And she also wanted to show her real stomach in a movie scene. The reason sounds wonderful to the ears of many women: “The false flawlessness that is propagated in Hollywood makes me angry. It is important to me to appear real. What a woman looks like”.




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