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Johnny Depp’s fans are calling for Amber Heard’s “Aquaman” suspension

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Johnny Depp fans start petitions against Amber Heard

Johnny Depp plans to appeal in “wife thug” allegation

Johnny Depp plans to appeal the wife thug allegation

Hollywood star Johnny Depp says he wants to appeal in the defamation process against the British newspaper “The Sun”. A 2018 article in which Depp was referred to as a “wife thug” was essentially true, a judge had ruled.

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Johnny Depp’s fans are petitioning his “Fantastic Beasts” return and Amber Heard’s suspension of “Aquaman 2”.

London. Johnny Depp’s community petitions his ex-wife Amber Heard before – with the aim of having their professional contracts terminated. Background of the action: After Depp had lost the libel case against the British newspaper “The Sun”, his exit from the film series “Fantastic Beasts” was official last Friday. His fans don’t just want to accept the one-sided consequences of the War of the Roses.

“I have to tell you that I was asked by Warner Bros. to play my role as Grindelwald in ‘Fantastic Beasts’ to resign and I have respected and accepted this request, “Depp announced the message on his Instagram account. Heard, against whom her ex-husband also alleges violence, has not been canceled from the sequel to her flick “Aquaman”. Both productions are from the same American film company Warner Bros.

Amber Heard: Petitions to suspend Aquaman 2 filming

On the website, Depp’s fans have launched several petitions against Heard since the war of the roses: “Suspend Amber Heard from ‘Aquaman 2’“Is the title of the first online collection of signatures, which has received enormous popularity online since Depp’s most recent film release. In it, Heard’s past is underlined with domestic violence – before Depp, she was reported by her ex-partner Tasya van Ree in 2009 and was therefore even arrested.

“There Amber Heard is a well-known and proven violent perpetrator, should and must exclude Warner Brothers and DC Entertainment Heard from their ‘Aquaman 2’ film project. (…) Men are just as much victims of domestic violence as women. This needs to be recognized and action must be taken to prevent a known abuser from being hailed in the entertainment industry, ”the petition’s description reads.

The petition polarized at the end of 2019 after audio recordings were published that allegedly identified Amber Heard as the real culprit in the violent confrontation with Depp. 740,673 out of a million signatures have already been collected (as of 11/9/20, 1:26 p.m.). Has become the requirement Warner bros. however not yet expressed.

Also petition against Heard’s position as a brand ambassador

In addition to “Aquaman 2”, in which Heard is supposed to play Princess Mera again, there is also Heard’s contract with the cosmetics giant L’Oréal to debate. The Briton is the company’s brand ambassador – the cooperation is also being contested with the petition “Terminate Amber Heard as L’Oréal brand ambassador” on

This petition also demands the equality of the Heard and Depp parties: “If the roles were reversed, Mr. Depp would have lost many, if not all, of his roles and sponsorships – he has that too. Why should this be any different with Ms. Heard, now that it is known who the real abuser is? ”The description reads. 53,391 of 75,000 people have already signed the request (as of November 9, 2020, 1:28 p.m.). A statement is still pending from L’Oréal itself.

Johnny Depp: Movie fans demand his return to “Fantastic Beasts”

On, Johnny Depp’s fans don’t just speak out against his ex-wife: they are also trying to save Depp’s role in “Fantastic Beasts” with a brand new project called “Bringt Johnny Back”. The signatories demand that the 57-year-old also do the third part of the “Harry Potter”-Spin-Offs as the magician Gellert Grindelwald is supposed to return. Otherwise, they would boycott the film.

Since the start of the petition on November 6, 741,105 of a million signatures have been collected (as of November 9, 2020, 1:34 p.m.). As in the case of the petition against Amber Heard, the film company Warner Bros. remains silent in this regard. Heard and Depp also made no comments on the subject.

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