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Jennifer Lawrence: New role with aluminum hat? – Cologne


Pretty soon, like Jennifer Lawence, you might be running through the streets and hearing “we’re all going to die” writing. Is JLaw’s new role crazy?

The “Hunger Games” actress probably doesn’t take any more breaks. Shortly after shooting “Red, White and Water”, Jennifer Lawrence is back in the middle of the next film project. JLaw is now working with Oscar-winning writer and director Adam McKay on “Don’t Look Up”, a very special role for Netflix. Because the flick that is supposed to be a comedy is about the end of us all. Jennifer Lawrence plays an astronomer who finds out that a meteorite will hit the earth and could wipe out all of humanity. People only have half a year to live. Therefore, the scientist tries to warn other people, but is labeled as crazy, as if she were a crazy conspiracy theorist with an aluminum hat. The comedy will be a fun change of pace for JLaw, having previously starred in the aforementioned war drama.

Jennifer Lawrence: We can see her in these films in 2020

Filming on “Don’t Look Up” for Jennifer Lawrence is due to begin in April. That will please the fans of the “Katniss Everdeen” actress, after all, she last took a two-year break after winning one prize after the next. Aside from the war drama about a soldier returning from Afghanistan and “Don’t Look Up”, Jennifer Lawrence is also said to star in “Mob Girl”. In the crime biography, JLaw is likely to play a mother who, through detours, becomes an informant for the FBI. The Italian film project is still in pre-production, but with a bit of luck it will be released this year. It seems like Jennifer Lawrence has decided to appear at least once in every film genre this year, but her fans certainly don’t care in the least – even if she portrays a mad scientist every now and then.

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