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Jennifer Aniston: About Matthew Perry: “I didn’t understand his fear and despair”

When Jennifer Aniston (52), Courteney Cox (57), Lisa Kudrow (57), David Schwimmer (54), Matthew Perry (51) and Matt LeBlanc get together again, it’s like Easter and Christmas in one for “Friends” fans Day. After all, they had laughed and suffered with the “Friends” for ten years from the mid-1990s. The renewed meeting, which could be followed on HBO Max and Sky, brought new insights not only for the audience. Even Jennifer Anniston had to realize that she had missed a lot back then.

In the video above we show you how the “Friends” stars have changed over time.

Jennifer Aniston was unaware of Matthew Perry’s struggles

According to “dailymail.co.uk” Anniston admitted on the “Today” show on NBC that she never fully understood the inner struggles of her fellow actor Matthew Perry. “I didn’t understand the fear and self-torment Matthew Perry was exposed to if he didn’t get the laugh – and I didn’t know about the desperation he felt.” The fact that he commented on this during the reunion still makes “very sense” for Jennifer.

Not arriving was unbearable for Matthew Perry

Perry had stated in the special that he “got cramps” if his gags didn’t work with the audience. “To me it felt like I was going to die if they didn’t laugh,” he said, adding, “And that sure isn’t healthy.”

Matthew’s internal arguments weren’t just new to Jennifer, Lisa Kudrow was also surprised. She spoke to Perry and stated: “You didn’t tell us that at the time.”

Fans are concerned about Matthew Perry after the “Friends” reunion trailer

Many fans were concerned about Matthew Perry’s appearance after the trailer had aired. During the actual broadcast of the Reunion it was particularly noticeable that his speech was very indistinct.

If you cannot see this video, please click here:

Matthew Perry played the always funny Chandler Muriel Bing in the series. He became famous with the role. But Perry also had to struggle with alcohol and drug addiction for a long time, which he himself made public.

In the video below, Lisa Kudrow proudly shows her son, with whom she was pregnant when she was “Friends” and who is now a grown man.

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