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Jared Leto, Chris Hemsworth & Co .: The most extreme transformations of Hollywood stars

the Versatility the world has shocked the world several times by many an actor. A prime example is Christian Bale, who can apparently playfully change from the frighteningly thin “machinist” to the overweight Dick Cheney in “Vice – The Second Man”. We have other actors for you who have changed completely for different roles.

Cate Blanchett: From Woman to Man and Back

IMAGO / Everett Collection

Cate Blanchett as Bob Dylan and Hela in Thor: Decision Day

Weight changes and visual transformations are quite common in the roles of Hollywood stars, but Cate Blanchett goes one step further and changes sex. In 2007 she played the musician Bob Dylan in the film “I’m not there” and was so convincing that she easily outshone her male colleagues Christian Bale and Heath Ledger.

From rock giant to Nordic goddess

Ten years later, Blanchett showed that as the strong goddess of the Norse underworld, she could also take on the most powerful heroes from the MCU. As Hela, she offered the god with the hammer slogan in “Thor: Day of Decision”.

Christian Bale in normal condition


Christian Bale in “Der Maschinist” (left) and in “American Hustle” (right)

When it comes to physical dedication, what counts Christian Bale to the, in the best sense, probably most ruthless representatives of Hollywood. Again and again the man subjects his body to the most drastic measures. Most recently, he had put on a whopping 20 kilos for the role of US politician Dick Cheney, but Bale has also shown in the past that when it comes to Libra, he is ready to work both up and down.

Through thick and thin

Almost starved to death for his title role in “The Machinist”, his portrayal of the skinny factory worker who is slowly going insane is hard to bear. The pound figure of the has more joy in life Irving Rosenfeld in “American Hustle”. Brilliant, how Christian Bale acts here with a lousy comb-over hairstyle and stately plauze. One can assume that this mutation will certainly not have been his last of its kind.

Jake Gyllenhall in a celebratory mood


Jake Gyllenhall as a prince and a crook

In fact, Jake Gyllenhall is one of those classic Boys Next Door, these guys next door, in the best sense of the word. Friendly guy, alert look, not quite the striking one All-American guy, but already brand son-in-law. One with depth, but also one to be shown unconditionally. There is also a darker, more uncompromising side slumbering in him, which is very clearly evident in some roles.

Muscular prince, skinny thief

As “Prince Of Persia”, for example, he had built up kilos of muscle mass and played the beast with verve and taste. The complete opposite in the psychological thriller “Nightcrawler”. Here had Gyllenhall easily starved down 20 pounds and played the role of the crook Louis Bloom with ethereal elegance, hollow cheeks and deep-set eyes.

Nicole Kidman between feather boas and a crisis of meaning

IMAGO / Everett Collection, IMAGO / Ronald Grant

Unrecognizable: Nicole Kidman in “Destroyer” and “Moulin Rouge”

Nicole Kidman is not only known as a musician from Down Under, but has also been a very successful actress for years. The Australian showed at the latest in “Destroyer”.

Between LA and wicked 19th century Paris

There are worlds between the policewoman Erin Bell from “Destroyer” and the frivolous dancer from “Moulin Rouge”. Bell has to travel back to her own past to face her demons, while dancer Satin rolls the eyes of the young writer Christian in particular. Two roles that couldn’t be more different and yet are embodied by the same actress.

Tom Hardy in civilian clothes


Hard, harder, hardy – in “Bronson” and in “Warrior”

While at Gyllenhall you get the feeling that he can distinguish role and reality very well, with Tom Hardy it sometimes seems that the film part and the private person are blurred – or is the guy just playing so well? What is certain is that the Briton also has a lot to offer in terms of physical variability away from the film set. The tattooed areas of his body are constantly getting bigger, the muscle mass varies, also the body fat percentage.

… and hard like Hardy

to Hardy’s most intense roles are undisputedly those of the legendary prisoner “Bronson”, for whom he trained to be a beefy colossus. Similarly muscular, but a lot more wiry his stature “Warrior”: For the role of martial arts fighter Tommy Conlon, Hardy trained over 12.5 kg of muscle mass.

Nice like Matt


Matt Damon times two

And another guy from next door: solid side parting, conservative glasses frame, inconspicuous clothes – Matt Damon could sit behind the bank counter, work as a German teacher at a high school in Flensburg or run a printing company – instead, the guy with the cheeky smile is one of Hollywood’s top earners, as an actor, director and producer.

Dynamic like Damon

It can also the so inconspicuous Damon pretty convincing from his skin. In the movie “Courage Under Fire” he starved himself 50 pounds off, all for a few minutes long scene. It went in the other direction for him in the context of the film “The Informant”, because Damon ate an impressive 30 pounds, mainly in the middle of his body.

Amy Adams: The Enduring Oscar aspirant

IMAGO / Mary Evans, IMAGO / Prod.DB

Amy Adams in “American Hustle” and “Hillbilly Elegy”

Amy Adams has been one of Hollywood’s top paid actors for years and has been nominated for an Oscar six times. Mostly she can be seen in comedies and often plays naive characters, but she also has another side, which she showed in “Hillbilly Elegy” in 2020.

Between glamor and southern states

Roles like Sydney Prosser’s in “American Hustle” appeared to be tailor-made for Adams and made her internationally famous. But she can also depict much more profound characters, as she showed in “Hillbilly Elegy”. In it she plays the failing mother Bev, who can never please her family and constantly struggles with herself. Worlds fit between characters like Sydney and Bev and they show how changeable Adams can be again and again.

Chris Hemsworth’s calorie torture

Getty Images / Rental

Chris Hemsworth before and after the diet

Even Chris Hemsworth, a robust beau by trade, is able to do a lot to his body when the part demands it. For the role of Petty Officer Owen Chase in “In the Heart of the Sea” he starved his weight from 215 to 175 pounds in order to be able to convincingly play the emaciated sailor. The measure sounds as drastic as it is effective: His diet plan allowed 500 to 600 calories during the day.

JK Simmons with drums and discipline

Getty Images / Rental

JK Simmons with hat and dumbbells

Age does not protect against foolishness, JK Simmons is also fully involved. If he played his roles such as that of the drum teacher Terence Fletcher in the Oscar-winning “Whiplash” in possession of his normal powers, the part required the James Gordon in the movie “Justice League” quite a bit of muscle. In the fitness studio, he showed that Simmons can do more than convincingly cheer on drumming students, where he enlarged his biceps spectacularly in the sweat of his brow.

Jared Leto between stage and Beatle killer

Getty Images / Rental

Jared Leto with and without a roar

Also the latently ethereal Jared Leto always goes back to where it hurts. While he plays the stages of the world as the singer of his band and scores with unusual outfits, he is ready in front of the film camera to go a long way further. From “30 Seconds To Mars” to “30 Kilos To Mark”. For the role of the Lennon assassin Mark Chapman Leto put on masses of kilos and in the end he was no longer recognizable with sunglasses, a mean look and a bulky belly.

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