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J. Lo + Ben Affleck: love comeback or a clever PR stunt?

Almost two decades after their media-laden relationship, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are (finally officially) a couple again. It’s probably the love comeback of the year, oh what, of the decade! Or is it just a clever calculation?

PRO: My battered pandemic soul believes in Bennifer 2.0

The love comeback of Jennifer Lopez, 52, and Ben Affleck, 48, completed a trend that was unstoppable. Hello 2000s, I kind of missed you!

In 2002, in a time without smartphones and social media, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston suddenly faced competition on the Hollywood dream couple throne: “Bennifer” was born. The then already successful actress and singer fell in love with the even more successful Oscar winner. Blockbusters like “Armageddon” and “Pearl Harbor” had made him a world star.

Lopez and Affleck met in 2001 while shooting their film flop “Gigli”. In mid-November 2002, the singer announced the engagement in an interview with Diane Sawyer. From then on there was no stopping: the paparazzi cameras clicked every second and filled several front pages of gossip magazines. Everyone was talking about “Bennifer”. Unforgotten: Affleck’s buttocks caress in J.Lo’s “Jenny from the Block” music video – which they re-enacted on a yacht a few days ago. My fan heart is jumping!

But after less than two years, the relationship ended in early 2004. Affleck is said to have become too much of the media hype. Jennifer Lopez’s spokesman announced the termination of the engagement in January. In addition, not only the joint film “Gigli” flopped, but also “Jersey Girl”. It was raining golden raspberries. Maybe Affleck was afraid for his career? Maybe he was embarrassed about the whole thing and he felt like many people today when he thinks back to flared hipsters and Buffalo platform boots?

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Well, after each marriage and several children with other partners, Jennifer and Ben’s love flared up again. Weekends together made the paparazzi wild. Everywhere pictures of the two popped up again and ended with the brilliant comeback of “Bennifer 2.0” with her official love-smooch photo on Jennifer’s 52nd birthday. Everything is almost like it was back then – only without Instagram. The result: The 2000s no longer just knock on the contemporary door, they literally kick them in. Hello, I kind of missed you guys!

What was then considered a decade full of embarrassing fashion failures is now cultivated. It was the same with the 80s and 90s. Top models like Bella Hadid and Hailey Bieber have revived the so-called “Y2K fashion” (“Year 2000”) in recent years. Hipsters, spaghetti strap tops and tinted sunglasses as far as the eye can see. Shirin David raps in two songs from last year (“90-60-111” and “Hoes Up G’s Down”) about the velvety “Juicy-Couture” tracksuits in which Paris Hilton literally lived in the early 2000s.

After her first pregnancy, footballer Mario Götze’s wife Annkathrin Götze is happy that her navel piercing fits again. Britney Spears never felt like this. With the comeback anniversaries of the sitcom “Friends”, the “Popstars” girl group “No Angels” and also “Bennifer 2.0”, happiness is perfect and not at all embarrassing. It feels more like a homely nostalgia bubble that floats in front of you without any worries.

It is exactly the right feeling in the midst of the corona pandemic and a time of absolute uncertainty and lack of freedom. Right now there is something nice about wallowing in the past. For Generation Y, who was born in the 80s, the first half of the 2000s in particular is a time of carefree youth, full of optimism, casting shows, nu-metal bands and alcopops. After that, the inner whining child longs to return – to the “good old days” without pandemic rules and restrictions. Maybe Ben Affleck felt the same way? Perhaps only now has he realized what has always been so beautiful and actually not at all embarrassing: his love for J.Lo. My romantic-naive heart is firmly convinced of it.


CONTRA: This love comeback production is Oscar-worthy

It remains to be seen that something that has been warmed up does not taste good. What leaves me with a taste, however, is the timing of both attempts at a relationship by Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. Back then, when they met – and supposedly love – each other in 2001, both were aspiring stars in Hollywood who happened to be promoting a film together. What could work better than a hot love affair at work? For the press and paparazzi, it was a hit, for the film production company and the two actors advertising for free. While the relationship between the stars reached their climax with an engagement, they probably reached their lowest point in terms of their careers with the joint flick “Gigli”. The love of the main actors, which was so wonderfully staged for the media, didn’t help either. And so they separated again in early 2004, six months after the film flop was released.

The reason that Ben Affleck has become too big of a media hype is difficult to understand. After all, only a few months later he dated fellow actor Jennifer Garner, 49, who celebrated a huge success in 2004 with the film “30 Overnight”. This love also came about when we were shooting together and you would think that Ben had learned from the past. Nevertheless: The two “Daredavil” stars married a year later, had three children and divorced in 2015.

After that it seemed as if the “Batman” actor couldn’t really get involved in something solid. His last relationship with the young actress Ana de Armas, 33, lasted only a year. After the breakup, the Hollywood beau looked somehow broken, almost seemed to let go a little.

But life had another turn ready. Because not too far away, an old acquaintance also had to deal with heartbreak. After rumors began to circulate that baseball pro Alex Rodriguez, 46, may have cheated on his fiancée Jennifer Lopez, she pulled the cord. This is not how “la Lopez” can be treated. And so both the abandoned Ben Affleck and the possibly horned J.Lo were outlawed for a brilliant love comeback.

One must not forget: Jennifer Lopez is an absolute media professional and, after several decades in show business, knows exactly how to create a lot of hype around her person. How about a cute game of cat and mouse with the paparazzi? The more mysterious “Bennifer” was, the more public interest in the “secret” love comeback in April 2021 grew. This is how it has always worked, the two superstars probably know best. Then the big bang: On her 52nd birthday, the New Yorker finally drops the love bomb – with a smooch photo taken from her Capri vacation by a professional photographer!

The time for a love comeback couldn’t have been better. It symbolizes their sweet revenge on the ex-partner: inside and at the same time ensures good publicity for upcoming projects. Because as luck would have it, Jennifer Lopez has a new flick in the pipeline with “Shotgun Wedding”, which has caused negative headlines in the past few months. Her co-star Armie Hammer, 34, fell into disrepute with questionable statements and spicy shots on the Internet and was then quickly replaced by Josh Duhamel, 48. The action romance should appear in mid-2022.

Meanwhile, Ben Affleck slips back into his “Batman” costume. He embodies the action hero in the film “The Flash”, which will also be shown on the big screen next year. As the new, old man at the side of Jennifer “The Butt” Lopez, the promotion work is done almost by itself.

And speaking of the still impressively crisp “Butt” of the 52-year-olds: What a terrific PR stunt to recreate the famous scene from the accompanying music video almost 20 years after the release of her song “Jenny From The Block” – in the Ben of his loved ones on the deck of a yacht lovingly and also a little macho-like caressing the buttocks and being photographed by paparazzi. The great love comeback of “Bennifer 2.0” could not have been staged more brilliantly. Only Brad Pitt, 57, and Jennifer Aniston, 52, can top that now! And the Oscar goes to …


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