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Is her jealousy destroying Ashton’s marriage?

A friend: “Mila’s jealousy is the number one stress topic”

What is he doing right now – and with whom? Mila Kunis no longer trusts her husband Ashton Kutcher. The fact that the 40-year-old hangs around with other women makes her crazy! Allegedly, the actress regularly checks Ashton’s cell phone and pays him spontaneous visits on the set to check on him. “Mila’s jealousy is the number one stress issue“Confirms a friend. Ashton has barely come home a little later or hides behind the cell phone than it works Head cinema the mother of two going on: does he have another? Is he cheating on me?

Once a cheater, always a cheater?

The grief can now be clearly seen in her.

She has lost a lot of weight. We worry …,

says the insider.

Sunken cheeks, deep circles under the eyes, empty eyes: at her last PR appointment for a whiskey brand, Mila actually looked totally exhausted. Are their worries understandable or grossly exaggerated? After all, it is known that Ashton left nothing wrong in previous years. Ashton is also said to have married Demi Moore unfaithful have been. And what is it called so beautifully? Once a cheater, always a cheater!

Expert: “Jealousy drives your loved one into the arms and beds of other people”

Parship coach Eric Hegmann suspects the OK!-Interview that Mila den Womanizer stamp found her husband attractive at first.

Anyone who chooses such a partner must have the conviction: ‘My partner is in great demand and I am proud that he is with me.’

But if the guy doesn’t stop flirting, pride quickly turns into disgrace. Hegmann believes that Mila is never “sufficient” feels for her husband, constantly comparing himself to other women. “This does not turn out to be a happy and stable relationship“, So the shocking conclusion of the expert.

Fatal: Extreme jealousy can even lead to the partner being pressured to cheat: “I have actually experienced this many times in couples therapy“, Says Hegmann. He explains:

Jealousy creates Distance between partners. It is quite possible that the partner kept at a distance will seek closeness elsewhere. Jealousy drives the loved one into the arms and beds of other people.

To get her jealousy under control and still save her marriage, Hegmann sees only one way out: “Mila should go into psychotherapy. Because jealousy doesn’t go away on its own, it just gets worse and worse!

Text: Vivienne Herbst

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