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Is Ben Affleck already choosing an engagement ring for Jennifer Lopez?>entertainment>

August 24, 2021 – 12:51 pm clock

Ben Affleck is hanging around at the precious jeweler in a conspicuously inconspicuous manner

Why lose time when you’ve already lost so much time? Had fate meant better for them, Ben Affleck (48) and Jennifer Lopez (52) would have been happily married since 2003. But the wedding planned at the time did not take place, “Bennifer” separated. Ben now seems to want to make up for the lost years as quickly as possible. The actor was spotted at Tiffany’s. Looking for an engagement ring for his J.Lo?

In 2002, J.Lo received a thick pink diamond from Ben

“Page Six” are photos of Ben Affleck strolling through the “Tiffany’s” branch in Los Angeles, accompanied by his mother Sam and nine-year-old son Samuel. Eminently inconspicuous. But obviously interested in the carpeting. Especially on the engagement rings.

In 2002, Ben put a ring with a pink 6.1 carat diamond on his J.Lo’s finger. The noble piece of jewelry is said to have cost the equivalent of almost two million euros at the time. In the Daily Mail, Jennifer raved about the moment of the application as “the most wonderful feeling I’ve ever had”. Ben had scattered rose petals all over the house, countless candles were burning and there were bouquets of roses in vases everywhere.

So the bar is set high should Ben really want to make a second attempt. But what woman can say no to the famous turquoise “Tiffany’s” jewelery box? (csp)

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