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How was that with the mask ?: Sofia Vergara shows how it’s done

How was that with the mask?
Sofia Vergara shows how it’s done

With a series of funny selfies, actress Sofia Vergara not only makes her fans smile. It also shows how to wear a protective mask.

A protective mask is not an ear jewelry: for many this is probably obvious. Unfortunately, during the Corona crisis there are also numerous people who refuse to wear mouth and nose protection or who abuse it as a misguided fashion accessory. Of course, there are enough protective masks that, thanks to their design, also offer a certain added value in terms of fashion, but if you don’t wear them properly, they are useless. The actress Sofia Vergara (48) is now pointing this out.

The stars from “Modern Family” published a collage of four selfies on Instagram in which Vergara shows in a funny way what you can do wrong. Among other things, she wears her mask as a headgear and earring replacement. Of course, she also shows you how to wear a protective mask correctly.

“It’s not an earring, a hat and a strange chin thing, it’s a mask – and wearing it can save lives,” the actress wrote. She also asks her followers to wear a mask during the crisis “so that we can all get through it”.



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