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Hardly recognized: Nicole Kidman presents a new look

Well, who is that? You can usually see Nicole Kidman (54) with a blond mane walking across the red carpets. However, the actress has already proven in various roles that she is changeable. In “The Hours”, for example, the actress played the dark-haired writer Virginia Woolf and even won an Oscar for this leading role. Amazed on the net Nicole now again with an unusual look.

Via Instagram the 54-year-old posted a photo of herself, which some of her fans probably had to look twice. There is no trace of the usual long blond hair here. Instead, Keith Urban’s wife (53) poses with a short hairstyle in front of a rainbow. Wears a light hair color Nicole as before, but the pixie cut shines in a reddish tone. It is obvious that this is only a wig. “On the set,” wrote the Hollywood great. She is currently in front of the camera for the Apple TV + series “Roar”.

In the comments, some of her fans fear the long head of hair of the Hawaiian-born Australian, but the majority of followers enjoy the look. “Simply stunning, simply gorgeous!”is just one of the numerous compliments below the snapshot. Kris Jenner (65) also liked the photo.

Nicole Kidman, movie star
Nicole Kidman, January 2020
Kris Jenner, reality TV star



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