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Facial care over 30: Emma Watson’s effective (and sustainable!) Beauty routine

Emma Watson on the red carpet

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Face care over 30: cleansing products that contain no (or very little) alcohol

Emma Watson proves that a sustainable grooming routine doesn’t pose too many difficulties, it just requires awareness. First of all, take a look at the ingredients in your products: Alcohol-based cleansing products can dry out the face – something the actress pays close attention to. For this reason, some of their favorites on the market are the Évolué Gente Cleanser, around $ 42, or the MV Organic Skincare’s 9 Oil cleansing Toner, around € 80. To avoid alcohol in cleaning products, most alternatives are oil-based, which regulates the pH of the skin while deeply cleaning it. The following products are suitable here, all of which are sustainable: The Body Shop’s Camomile, for 5 euros, or Caudalie’s Oil Makeup Remover, for 17 euros.

Look for cleaning products with a low alcohol content like Caudalie’s Oil Makeup Remover, around 17 euros.


Facial care over 30: the right cream for your needs

Sometimes a single product is not enough to meet your skin’s needs. But whether your skin is blemished, dry, or recently tanned, you always need a cream that keeps it hydrated. It is a good idea to alternate between several moisturizers, as your skin – just like you – does not have the same needs every day.

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