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Dr. Martens: Stars like David Beckham, Ryan Gosling & Co. love these cool classics

Ryan Gosling, David and Brooklyn Beckham, Jared Leto – they all have their own style and yet something in common: They love Dr. Martens. Whether with jeans or suit trousers, whether on the way to the shop, to a fashion event or even on the red carpet: the cool leather boots have now become a fashionable it-piece for almost every occasion become. But that wasn’t always the case.

Dr. Martens: From work boots to rebellious statements

April 1, 1960 was the day the very first couple Dr. Martens boots (the classic model 1460 with 8 lace holes on both sides) rolled off the line. Even then, the striking yellow seam, the grooved sole and the well-known heel loop were the hallmarks of the boots. Actually, however, the shoe was not intended for the general public, but purely as a functional work boot for postmen and police officers. That changed suddenly when Pete Townshend of “The Who” started and chose the boots as a symbol of his rebellious attitude. Over time, the brand was adopted and adapted by various people, musicians and youth cultures.

The classic model 1460 by Dr. Martens went from being a worker’s boot to a symbol of rebellion. (Buy here: Dr. Martens 1460 Smooth, 189 euros, through Dr. Martens)


In the meantime, the boots have blossomed into an absolutely everyday companion for almost every occasion and a wide variety of outfits. Not only are they an eye-catcher, they are also extremely comfortable. And that is mainly due to the unique air-cushioned sole: This was designed by Dr. Klaus Maertens in Munich. In order to recover quickly after a broken foot, he was looking for an alternative to the traditional hard leather sole – and thus manufactured the prototype for the famous air-cushioned sole (still in use today). Dr. Maertens is also the namesake for the famous icons. (Also interesting: Leather jackets: The 10 most beautiful models for men in spring)

Buy here: Dr. Martens 1460 Smooth, 189 euros, through Dr. Martens

From the concert stage to the red carpet

Dr. Martens have always been shoes with a very special character – a sign of rebellion, of freedom, a statement to stand out from the “normal” and at the same time a sign of belonging to a certain group. Band members of the “Sex Pistols”, the “Ramones” and “The Clash” wore them in the 70s. Punks and skinheads also wanted to underline their own rebellious attitude with the iconic boots. (Read here: The Black Sabbath Collection from Dr. Martens not only inspires metal fans)

David and Brookly Beckham wore the Dr. Martens 1460 Smooth in black at London Fashion Week. (Buy here: Dr. Martens 1460 Smooth, 189 euros, through Dr. Martens)

Getty Images

And today? Dr. Martens are still a shoe icon – something special, but still suitable for everyday use and even red carpet. They are more popular than ever with stars: David and Brooklyn Beckham appeared with classics in black for the launch of the Kent & Curwen collection at a London Fashion Week. Ryan Gosling promoted his film “The Nice Guys” in the same model and Taron Egerton wore the classic 1460 in Burgundy to the “Rocketman” press tour.

Ryan Gosling is also a fan of the classic: He wore Dr. Martens 1460 on a film event by “The Nice Guys”. (Buy here: Dr. Martens 1460 Smooth, 189 euros, through Dr. Martens)

Getty Images

Dr. Martens: Timeless classics for an acceptable price

The classic from Dr. Martens, the 1460 Smooth, is available in twelve different colors, including blue, gray, white and red. But there are other models from the English cult brand that can be worn wonderfully on many different occasions. The 1461 or 2976 Chelsea boots also give almost every outfit that certain something – both in everyday life and on a chic occasion. In addition, the company repeatedly presents collaborations with exciting artists or labels, such as Schott, Stüssy or the Sex Pistols.

Buy here: 1461 Veg Tan leather shoes, 249 euros, via Dr. Martens

There are ten different Dr. Martens Originals basic models, each available in different colors and designs (summer or winter). The prices for the boats range between 160 and 250 euros. Dr. Martens are simply timeless classics at an acceptable price, which can be combined in many ways and are extremely convenient at the same time.

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