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Did the Hollywood star break up with Scientology?>entertainment>

Tom Cruise is apparently putting an end to Scientology

Tom Cruise (59) is an avowed Scientologist and has been part of the religious movement for decades. There was never any thought that the actor would even consider turning his back on the Church of Scientology. But in fact it now seems to be the case. According to a media report, Tom should have drawn a line under his past – and he owes that to a woman.

A fresh start for the actor?

As the British “The Sun” reports, Tom is said to have ticked Scientology. Reason for this assumption: The 59-year-old always stayed at Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead – the British headquarters of the Church on his previous trips to England. He is said to have made the renovation of the property financially possible in 2015. For a current stay, however, it looks very different. Tom is said to have stayed at a different location this time and has not even been seen near the property.

Instead, he initially lived in an apartment in Knightsbridge before recently moving to a remote house in the Kent countryside.

Did the corona crisis open his eyes?

Tom is currently in front of the camera in England for the latest part of “Mission: Impossible”. The shooting has been delayed again and again due to the Corona crisis, which has also made itself financially noticeable. According to production staff, this is the reason why the Hollywood star has moved away from the sect. “Some of us wonder if the Covid situation and his religious beliefs are pushing him in different directions, with so much pressure to finish this film,” an insider is quoted as saying.

Is SHE the new one from Tom Cruise?

New love, new life?

Maybe it’s also due to Tom’s love life … Rumors have been circulating for a long time that he and fellow actor Hayley Atwell (39) are more than just set buddies. The two were even seen holding hands and maybe she’s not entirely innocent of Tom’s sudden change. (dga)

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