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Caught! Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher are so casual in their private lives

Relaxed, relaxed, Mila Kunis (35) and Ashton Kutcher (41)! Those who often have to dress up for the red carpets of Hollywood and quickly sit in the mask for hours on end for filming are happy to simply not apply anything in their private lives. Many stars like to choose the cosiest sweater for a shopping trip, yoga class and the like. If you’re married to another superstar, it’s best to do it in pairs. Mila and Ashton are kings in it: They are just showing once again how casual it is from head to toe.

On Wednesday, the couple was spotted by paparazzi on a trip to California in a chilled partner look: Mila wore ripped jeans, a loose, light gray knitted sweater and gray sneakers. No trace of make-up! Ashton did the same for her. The actor combined a gray sweater with gray sneakers and black jeans – an easy trip with the Kunis-Kutchers.

The couple not only take their private outfits, but also small relationship faux pas in a very relaxed manner. As a guest at Ellen DeGeneres (61) told Mila, how Ashton wanted to give her a romantic gift for Valentine’s Day. He wanted to buy colorful lovebirds for his loved one and the two small children, but had budgies turned on. But this should not have harmed love.

Ashton Kutcher in March 2019 in California
Mila Kunis in March 2019 in California
Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis in August 2018 in Los Angeles

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