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Can your marriage take this?

The musician Keith Urban, 53, sees red again and could destroy his marriage with Nicole Kidman, 54, with his jealousy …

Nicole Kidman: Furious jealousy

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary these days – but apparently the mood is depressed. A friend of the couple knows:

Keith has always been very jealous and would like to keep Nicole away from all the men in the world. Most of the time she can handle it quite well, but this time it’s different

Now the musician’s jealousy could become a threat to Nicole’s professional success.

More on the subject:

Nicole Kidman: “You are slowly tearing the thread of patience”

The search for a male co-star in the film “The Silent Wife”, in which the 54-year-old is supposed to play the leading role, is extremely difficult – because Keith allegedly vetoed every suggestion. He is said to have even given his wife a list of men with which she is under no circumstances allowed to stand in front of the camera.

Alexander Skarsgård, 44, Lenny Kravitz, 57, Jude Law, 48, Colin Firth, 60, Hugh Grant, 60 and Sebastian Stan, 38, have already been turned down by him. The confidante reports:

Nicole knows this list is not meant to be a joke. And she knows it’s hard for Keith to see her with other men. Even if it’s just for a movie.

Nicole is said to have met the 53-year-old and met with Keith with potential film partners. So far without success! Nicole had a lot of understanding for a long time. But slowly the thread of patience is breaking. Keith has to come to an agreement with her in the next few days. “

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