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Cameron Diaz declares her retirement from Hollywood

Updated April 1st, 2021, 7:14 am

  • Cameron Diaz has been retired from Hollywood since 2014.
  • The once highest paid actress in the world now reveals: She cannot imagine returning to the film business.
  • As a bestselling author, entrepreneur and mother, there is not much energy or time left for filming.

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Cameron Diaz hasn’t made any films in the past few years. The 48-year-old has now explained in an interview why that is so – and presented her new wine brand.

Once upon a time, Cameron Diaz was the highest paid actress in the world. In 2014, however, she retired – at least when it comes to filming. Because in the meantime she is also a bestselling author and wine entrepreneur. In an interview with Yahoo Finance, she has now revealed: In her current life situation there is simply no room for filming.

Cameron Diaz is currently fully dedicated to her family. She has been the mother of a young daughter since the beginning of 2020. Together with her husband, musician Benji Madden, and what she says is a wonderful nanny, she takes care of the baby in addition to her business activities. All of their energy is going there right now. If she was 100 percent an actress, she is now 100 percent there for her family.

Priorities change

Cameron Diaz cannot currently imagine returning to the unpredictable working world of Hollywood with a child in the background. She saw it before her own motherhood with a friend who found that she had to split her 100 percent between job and family. Priorities changed when the next generation came into play.

For Cameron Diaz, living with her small nuclear family is the greatest fulfillment of her life: “It’s a different time in my life. I’m here now and it’s the most fulfilling thing I’ve ever done in my life.” She couldn’t put the energy into films – she was with her family now.

By the way, your new wine brand is called Avaline and focuses entirely on clean production. While the pandemic means that working mothers in particular have an increased burden of childcare, Cameron Diaz knows about her privileged position: “I couldn’t do all of this without a wonderful nanny, a super involved partner and great employees.”
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