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Bitcoin, Ether and Co could replace dollars in 5 years

One opinion poll of the Deloitte management consultants, who in the spring under almost 1,300 senior bank managers was carried out worldwide, certifies that cryptocurrencies have great potential. 76 percent believe that digital assets will be traditional currencies in the next Replace 5 to 10 years or at least a strong alternative to them, Forbes reports.

“Seismic Shift”

The Deloitte report speaks of a “seismic shift” in financial services. 81 percent of the executives surveyed are of the opinion that the blockchain technology underlying the cryptocurrencies has already achieved general acceptance. 73 percent believe that their company should use cryptocurrencies and blockchain to stay competitive.

Bitcoin and crypto services from banks

The financial services industry must redefine itself and find innovative ways to continue growing, according to the Deloitte report. Wall Street banks of Goldman Sachs up to JPMorgan have already started offering Bitcoin and crypto services this year. Central banks are also experimenting with blockchain-based digital central bank currencies.

At the beginning of the week, the Bitcoin price rose again for the first time since May over $ 50,000, Other cryptocurrencies also made strong gains, with the combined crypto market value recently exceeding $ 2.1 trillion.

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