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BBC report denounces the lack of protection of minors on the erotic portal

The erotic portal OnlyFans apparently has massive problems with the protection of minors. According to a media report, even children use the platform to sell recordings of themselves.

The OnlyFans platform is intended to enable artists to earn money with exclusive content. Often it is about erotic or pornographic recordingswho sell mostly female stars to their fans. But according to a report by the BBC, there are also many minors among the “nude influencers” on OnlyFans – and for good reason the platform is only released from the age of 18.

But the age verification seems to be easy to bypass. OnlyFans requires proof such as a driver’s license or passport. Users must submit a photo of themselves on which they can be seen together with the identification document. However, the images are apparently hardly or only superficially checked. For example, it is easily possible to set up an account with the help of an identity document from relatives, reports the British broadcaster.

Even a 12-year-old could register

For its research, the BBC asked experts and in the immediate vicinity of the children and young people. Numerous interlocutors have therefore confirmed that the weak protection of minors is a problem at OnlyFans. Even a 12-year-old is said to have succeeded in registering on the platform in order to then sell recordings of herself.

In addition, there is a problem with content that has been uploaded to the platform without the consent of those concerned. According to the BBC, cases of child pornography and abuse in connection with OnlyFans have already been documented by the British police.

The platform operator – a London company – claims to carefully check the age of its users. In addition to the requested identification document, other social media channels would also be used for research. If the age limit is violated, an account will be deleted immediately as soon as one becomes aware of it.

OnlyFans distributed $ 2 billion in 2020

The creation and distribution of pornographic images of minors not only violates the platform rules – it also makes users liable to prosecution. In Germany, too, media guards are increasingly concerned about the popularity of services like OnlyFans and are pressing for stricter controls in the interests of youth protection.

The erotic portal OnlyFans has grown enormously – also in the wake of the corona pandemic. The service now has 120 million users. The operator retains a commission of 20 percent from the income that the artists generate through their content. Last year, according to the Guardian, the platform is said to have distributed a total of two billion US dollars.

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