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Barack Obama celebrates 60th birthday – criticism about Corona


Obama as a “super spreader”? Birthday party with 700 guests

This is Barack Obama

This is Barack Obama

Barack Obama has many roles: President, husband, father, Nobel Prize winner. You need to know these 12 facts!

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Former President Barack Obama is planning a 60th birthday party this week with an illustrious guest list. But there is criticism of it.

Washington. For Obama despiser, and there are still plenty of them in America, it is a hit. On Wednesday becomes the 44th President of the United States 60 years old. At the weekend he throws an open-air party for around 500 hand-picked guests from politics, business and show business in his luxurious holiday home on the Atlantic island of Martha’s Vineyard off the coast of Boston.

200 service personnel are deployed on the 16 soccer field property that the Obamas bought in 2019, including the boathouse, pool and private beach, for around twelve million dollars. Stars like George Clooney, Oprah Winfrey and Hollywood director Steven Spielbergwho filmed “The Great White Shark” here in 1974 are invited. The rock musicians of “Pearl Jam” will perform hits like “Alive”, say those in the know.

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Barack Obama celebrates 60th birthday: criticism about Corona

Taxi drivers, hairdressers, suppliers and bodyguards on the fashionable island are looking forward to extra sales. For the American island of Sylt actually a win-win situation. If it weren’t for Corona. And the fourth wave, triggered by the aggressive Delta variant.

Ever since Obama’s plans for a celebration came into the world through the news portal Axios, a war of positions has developed in social media. One camp considers it irresponsible and cynical that an ex-president of all people should round up hundreds of people while the incumbent government warns of crowds and recommends wearing masks. According to this reading it is programmed that the Obama-Sause one “Superspreader” event that will infect many.

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Speaker: All guests have already been vaccinated

Is there a danger? It was only on Sunday that the head of the National Health Institute, Francis Collins, expressed doubts that the (vaccination) status of each individual could be checked in advance at larger parties. And even if: Since hundreds of double-vaccinated people in Provincetown, 120 kilometers north of Martha’s Vineyard, were recently infected with the delta version of Corona, a vaccination no longer automatically counts as a clearance certificate.

Obama fans oppose this: the host knows exactly how sensitive the topic is and that his “role model” is in demand. His spokesmen have already stated that all guests should be vaccinated (but there is no obligation) and tested on site. An official “coordinator” is to monitor compliance with the regional Corona regulations on the evening of the celebration. This should include wearing a mask, which was strongly recommended by Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker; also for vaccinated people.

Obama’s longtime vice and companion Joe Biden, however, does not take the trip north. A White House spokeswoman said that they will meet later to include Obama in the “Over-60s Club.” There are no known undeliverable obligations that could explain Biden’s absence. Of the Acting President according to the weekly schedule, spends Saturday and Sunday in his vacation home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. For fear of a PR disaster if Obama’s party should become infectious?

Obama dedicates himself to his company “Higher Ground Productions”

Obama, who was in office from 2009 to 2017, is more active than ever in retirement. Since the daughters Sasha and Malia left the house, the first Afro-American US president has devoted himself to the joint company “Higher Ground Productions” with his wife Michelle Obama. From there, embedded in a multi-million dollar deal with the streaming giant Netflix, various films and series are created. Obama is intensifying successful podcast productions for Spotify.

Including the very fruitful collaboration with rock legend Bruce Springsteen, which has been downloaded millions of times and in which America’s current state of conflict is negotiated in a knowledgeable and pointed manner. A written form is due to appear worldwide on October 26th. Book title: “Apostates. Born in the USA ”. From the royalties, say publishing insiders, Obama could easily pay for a party like the one coming up to his 60th every week.

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