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Arte documentary about Meryl Streep – Hamburger Abendblatt

Meryl Streep at the 86th Academy Awards, the Oscars.

Meryl Streep at the 86th Academy Awards, the Oscars.

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Meryl Streep is the master of soft tones. She takes on her roles almost unnoticed and plays them in an enormously complex manner. Whether romantic, combative, silly or arrogant – Streep is enthusiastic

Hamburg. “The bridges on the river”, “Beyond Africa”, “Kramer versus Kramer”, “Death suits her well”, “Sophie’s decision”, “Mamma Mia”, “The iron lady”, “The devil wears Prada”, “The Haunted House” – if you want to list the best films with Meryl Streep, you have a lot of choice.

And everyone who likes the 72-year-old should have a different favorite film with her. One reason for this is probably the enormous versatility of Streep.

Whether a Polish emaciated immigrant on the path of love, a combative mother in a war of custody, a wacky witch in a beauty craze or a wife on a romantic astray – Streep plays every single role with impressive inner strength and conviction. The documentary “Meryl Streep: Unadulterated Goddess” by Charles-Antoine de Rouvre on Sunday (9:55 pm) on Arte aims to get to the bottom of the secret of success of the multi-award-winning actress, who played Hollywood greats at a young age walk.

Streep experts, primarily journalists and book authors, are interviewed on this question for a good 50 minutes in the documentary. They explore the Streep myth and their thoughts and descriptions are backed up with film scenes, pictures and videos from the red carpet and old interviews with Meryl Streep. Close companions or Streep themselves do not have their say – at least freshly recorded.

Still, you learn a lot about the formidable actress who was a cheerleader and prom queen of her senior year in high school. The fact that in the documentary it is made out that it was the first crowning achievement of her acting talent – because she probably had to play many roles in school – seems a little too far-fetched.

Streep quickly achieved a lot in her career and then never stopped. In doing so, she has reinvented herself again and again – this is conveyed very nicely in the documentary. And at the same time remained so true to herself that she was able to stay above all a wife, mother of four children and a person with a sense of strong roles.

“Her unique strength lies in the fact that she has always remained herself. A strong, emancipated and free woman who was able to assert her view of the roles against everyone – including the directors -” says one of the journalists in the documentary. Streep has given many roles, for example the mother in “Kramer gegen Kramer”, even more depth through a monologue he wrote for the court scene.

At the same time, a red thread runs through the selection of roles, which is clearly revealed by the documentary: Streep has a weakness for women in the foreground, women with a dream, women with an agenda, women with changes. The weak woman in the background is not for her. In addition, she always had a knack for films, which were not just films, but also precise snapshots of a society, the documentary also says.

Meryl Streep has slipped into so many film roles in the past few decades that she should have fans of every generation. Their changeability has meant that every woman can find herself in one of her roles at some point.

The strength of the documentary are the old interviews with Meryl Streep, which once again show how incredibly personable she is and how pleasant her attitude towards things is. And how down-to-earth she seems, even though she has already won several Oscars. At one point she is asked where she got her artistic talent. Her answer with her shy smile is as simple as it is fitting: “I don’t know where she comes from. It’s magic.”

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