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Anti-Life – Deadly Threat Criticism

Rating: 1/5

With Anti-Life – Deadly Threat the genre fan and the last die-hard fans of Bruce Willis will live for a long 90 minutes. This film is junk to perfection. Lousy dialogues, bad tricks and an absolutely badly executed plot. It is Anti-Life – Deadly Threat unfortunately not bad enough to be good again. Neither Willis nor Thomas Jane can change that. The only threat the film poses is to the viewer’s sanity!

Anti-Life – Deadly Threat Criticism

In the year 2242 the spaceship Hercules leaves the earth with several thousand survivors on board to escape a devastating epidemic and to secure the continued existence of mankind on a strange planet. Only, there is a stowaway: a strange organism. This gradually takes possession of more and more crew members, but the die-hard Clay Young (Willis) and his crew oppose the deadly creature. Because it is about nothing less than that the interstellar ark is saved and humanity is saved from extinction …

Trailer for Anti-Life – Deadly Menace

It’s always frightening to watch a once talented and popular actor decline over time. At some point he no longer appears in large-scale productions or ambitious projects, but his face only laughs at us from the junk corner on the DVD and Blu-ray shelf. While you like this with performers Nicolas Cage can still understand for various private reasons, it is absolutely incomprehensible for an actor like Bruce Willis. Die Hard, pulp Fiction, Sixth Sense, 12 monkeys, Armageddon – The Last Judgment, Unbreakable – unbreakable, Sin City or The fifth Element: Classics, masterpieces, fan favorites, and we could continue this list for a while and would still only scratch the surface.

Willis has talent, he has charisma, and yet he has been increasingly appearing in cheap productions for a number of years, and his newest title Anti-Life – Deadly Threat is a new low mark here. It doesn’t help if you play a small role Thomas Jane aside. Neither of the two actors is able to pull the film out of the swamp even a little. While Jane fortunately only has one guest appearance and after The Expanse just wanted to do science fiction again, Willis’ motivation is inexplicable. It has been known for years that he no longer has any desire to act and only works for the money, but a little self-respect should already be there.

But it would be wrong to take everything out on Willis, he’s just the driving force for you Film idea that is not innovative, but actually very robust. Only if the makers don’t even bother to create a reasonably plausible process for the script, the trick effects are at the earlier SciFi channel level and the remaining actors act like laypeople, then you have to ask what the financiers thought they John Suits with Anti-Life – Deadly Threat have commissioned.

Anti-Life – Deadly Threat is a Insult to the viewer and a disgrace to Bruce Willis. As many wonderful films as there have been in the past in which he has worked, just as much does he damage his vita with a film like this. If you asked us where 95% of the budget went, we would say two actors and the poster.

Recurrence value: 0%

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