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Anna Kendrick scoffs at sex with Enrique Iglesias!

Anna Kendrick was amazed when she was linked to the birth of the twins of Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kurnikova.

Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kurnikova float in baby happiness. After the two veiled the birth of their twins for as long as possible, the couple officially stood by their addition to the family. Too bad that Anna Kendrick, who actually has nothing to do with the matter at all, stole the show from them a little. Yahoo accidentally mistook her for Anna Kurnikova and launched a few amusing sayings on Twitter!

Anna Kendrick is mistakenly mistaken for Anna Kurnikova!

Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kurnikova have been a couple since the end of 2001. In December they sealed their love affair with the twins Nicholas and Lucy. But only a few hours ago they shared the first pictures of their sugar-sweet offspring on Instagram. Yahoo was apparently so euphoric in view of the completely surprising baby news that they made a very unpleasant mistake without further ado. Instead of Anna Kurnikova, Anna Kendrick was enthroned above her headline. But the actress took it with humor and joked on Twitter: “Dear Yahoo team: How do I get to the timeline in which I slept with Enrique Iglesias, and thank you.” Of course, Anna Kendrick did not have sex with the attractive singer. But it was not without reason that she was surprised why her picture was used for the headline that Anna Kurnikova gave birth to the twins of Enrique Iglesias.

Pitch Perfect star Anna Kendrick doesn’t take herself too seriously!

Anna Kendrick even went one better in another Twitter post, joking, “I understand the confusion probably comes from the two Anna K names, but she’s a tall blonde athlete and I – oh, oh – they think that I am the baby? “. Even if Anna Kendrick will probably not become a “great blonde athlete” like Anna Kurnikova in this life. And probably not enjoying sleeping with Enrique Iglesias either, Anna Kendrick took at least one positive thing from it all. Final proof that she’s hilarious not only in movies, and loads of new fans!

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