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Anna Faris didn’t want a big wedding

The actress ran away with her husband Michael Barrett because she “didn’t need” a big wedding.

Anna Faris ran off with Michael Barrett because she “didn’t need” a big wedding. The 44-year-old actress revealed that she secretly married the 51-year-old cameraman in July. Because of her “age” she decided to run away with him instead of holding a big wedding ceremony.

Anna has already been married twice – from 2004 to 2008 to Ben Indra and from 2009 to 2018 to Chris Pratt, with whom she has a son. She said she had been alive so long that she felt she “doesn’t need all the trimmings” when it comes to getting married for the third time. Speaking to Page Six, she said: “It was great, we are really happy.” And when asked why she and Michael ran away, she added, “I guess if you’re a bit old, you don’t necessarily need the whole thing. [Es waren] only we.”

The actress spoke about the marriage with Michael in her podcast in July. “I look around … my fiancé is right – he’s my husband now. Yeah, we ran away. It was great, yes it was great. It was in a local courthouse up in Washington State, it was great. “

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