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Amber Heard: These women give her strength

Amber Heard
These women give her strength

In court, the actress Amber Heard gets support from two women who do not leave her side.

The trial that Johnny Depp (57, “Pirates of the Caribbean”) is officially leading against an English newspaper alleging that he physically abused his ex-wife Amber Heard (34, “Gully”) has turned into a war of the roses both actors degenerated. They accuse each other of violence and fight for credibility and reputation in court. For Depp and Heard, their future careers are also at stake.

Depp fights hard and does not skimp on intimate details, two lawyers are supposed to help him to his law. The actor accuses his ex, among other things, of physically attacking him. Amber Heard is invited as a witness and has further personal support in addition to her lawyers. Two women stand by her side during the process. She maintains deep relationships with both of them.

This is the new woman at Amber Heard’s side

On the one hand, there is her partner, Bianca Butti (39). The bisexual Heard, who came out in 2010, lives her love for the camerawoman publicly. The couple showed up when they bought plants together in Los Angeles and kissed for the first time in Palm Springs at the beginning of the year. Butti is also a strong personality who has been fighting against breast cancer publicly since 2015, accompanies her own illness with photos via Instagram and asks for donations.

The second woman at Amber’s side is her sister Whitney, who doesn’t seem to leave her side in court. The actress is a proud mother and likes to present herself as a family man on Instagram. The mother’s surprising death last May brought the two sisters even closer together. According to Amber Heard, Whitney was also attacked by Depp when she tried to calm the actor down.

Johnny Depp and his prominent ex-partners

Johnny Depp, on the other hand, relies on prominent support and activated two ex-girlfriends: Long-term partner and singer Vanessa Paradis (47, “Did You Really Say No”), with whom Depp has two children, and actress Winona Ryder (48, “Destination Wedding” ) was briefly engaged to Depp in the early 1990s. Both confirmed that there had been no physical altercations in their relationships. However, Depp’s legal team rejected a video questioning of the two on the witness stand.


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