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After her boycott call: Kanye West shoots Jennifer Aniston and Friends – entertainment

Kanye West and Jennifer Aniston have very different opinions about the US election and the series “Friends” Photo: [M] StarMaxWorldwide / Admedia / Imagecollect.com

While Donald Trump and Joe Biden are fighting over the presidency, two celebrity heavyweights are attacking each other: Kanye West and Jennifer Aniston.

Not only Donald Trump (74) and the Democratic challenger Joe Biden (77) are exchanging blows because of the upcoming presidential election on November 3rd. Rapper Kanye West (43, “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy”) and actress Jennifer Aniston (51) are also in a clinch because of the groundbreaking decision. When Aniston’s appeal to her around 36 million Instagram followers not to waste their votes on the also candidate musician, Kim Kardashian’s husband (40) responded with a snappy return coach on Twitter.

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Based on Aniston’s words that it wasn’t funny to vote for Kanye West, he wrote in a now deleted tweet, of which the Daily Mail presented screenshots: “‘Friends’ wasn’t funny either.” West also suspects in another distant tweet that his interview as a guest on Joe Rogan’s podcast a few days ago has instilled a lot of respect, including Aniston. In it he said, among other things, that he saw himself called by God to move into the White House as the 46th President.

Aniston had revealed with a picture on Instagram that shows her voting by post that she has given her vote to Joe Biden and running mate Kamala Harris (56). People who vote for Kanye West for fun are irresponsible in their eyes and would only play into the cards of the incumbent US President Trump. “I don’t know how to put it any other way. Please be responsible,” said Aniston.

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