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Actresses denounce: Why the film world makes them look old

But the role offers for women of a certain age are still few and far between – whether in the USA or in Germany.

“I was frustrated – like so many women in different careers are – at the idea of ​​being told, Well, that’s it, your best days are behind you and now you’re in your 40s and nobody cares about your acting anymore Talent, or your ideas, or who you are as a woman or person ”, tells Nicole Kidman (54) dem You-Magazine.

Much younger woman

And that will never change if it continues to be normal that the age difference is so enormous when two couples are cast. In “Pretty Woman” (1989) was Richard Gere 40, Julia Roberts sweet 22. In the movie “King Arthur” (2004) was the main actor Clive Owen 40, his “love interest” Keira Knightley 19th

Even Maggie Gyllenhaal once said that at 37 she was “too old” for a role whose male counterpart was 55.

“Old women and witches”

Even the great one Meryl Streep (72) was of the opinion that her career would end at the age of 38 and that at 40 only the roles for “old women and witches” would remain.

“As an actor getting older, you have more opportunities than an actress. That’s the way it is ”, so too Uschi Glas (77) to the COURIER.

According to a study by the journal Journal of Management Inquiry Actresses at the age of 34 earn the most on average per film. Up to this age, the salaries of young female Hollywood stars rise, they even earn a little more than men of the same age.

On the other hand, the salaries for women fall rapidly from their mid-30s, while men earn best at the age of 52. Conicidence?



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