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5 facts about the singer!

There are few superstars like Rihanna that everyone really knows. Everyone knows her name, but very few really know the exciting facts about her. Do you actually know what her name is in German and which street was named after her?

The pop singer Rihanna is an idol for millions of people. Would you like an example? It has around 45 million listeners a month on Spotify alone! An incredible number. Are you a big fan of the singer too? Then we’ll tell you a few facts that you’re guaranteed to brag to your friends with.

5 Exciting Facts About Rihanna

That is what her name means

The name is Welsh on the one hand, but also Muslim. That is exactly why the name has several meanings. According to the Welsh language, Rihanna means something like “the saint” or “moon goddess”. If one goes by the Muslim meaning, then her name stands for “sweet basil”.

She doesn’t even come from the USA

Because she very often stays in the USA and lives there, one often thinks that she is from the USA too. But that’s not true at all. She comes from the Caribbean island state of Barbados and was born in Saint Michael.

A street was named after her

In November 2017 she got the great honor that a street was named after her. It is in their homeland and was then still called Westbury New Road and is in Barbados. Now her home state has renamed the street in honor of the super successful artist. Today it’s called Rihanna Drive.

This is the most common word in their songs

The 33-year-old is all about love. That’s why the word “love” is the most common word in all of their songs. The singer wasn’t so lucky in her love life. Her relationship with singer Chris Brown ended in physical violence, which is why he was convicted.

Rihanna was in the military

What many do not know: She was not always only in the music business and also not always at the top of the world. As a teenager she took part in a military program, which apparently was very interesting. By the way, her training manager was the singer Shontelle. Already read? Justin Bieber: This is how the superstar reacted when fans showed up in front of his apartment!

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