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12 stars who have been adopted

Marilyn Monroe, Steve Jobs, Andreas Bourani and Nicole Richie have one thing in common – they were all adopted. Whether from foster parents or other family members, these stars did not grow up with their birth parents and often only found out about the adoption in adulthood.

Find out more about the fate of adopted stars in our gallery. But there are also stars who have given their children up for adoption or those who have adopted children.

These stars have been adopted

Jack Nicholson found out at the age of 37 that he was actually adopted. The unbelievable: The woman Jack Nicholson mistook for his sister was actually his mother and his alleged mother turned out to be his grandmother. She adopted Nicholson immediately after he was born.


Marilyn Monroe († 36) grew up with various foster families and later with her mother’s best friend. Marilyn’s birth mother, Gladys Pearl Baker, was unable to care for her child, either financially or psychologically. Who is Marilyn’s biological father is unknown.

You can see more stars who were actually adopted in the picture gallery.




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