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▷ Ethereum 2.0 staking made easier and more rewarding with Matrixport’s first mover “ETH …

08/26/2021 – 01:09

Matrix port

SINGAPORE, Jan. 23 / PRNewswire /

Users enjoy additional DeFi token rewards and increased liquidity, and can achieve an annual return of up to 10 percent

Matrixport, Asia’s fastest growing digital asset financial services platform, has launched “ETH2.0 staking earn” announced, the first of its kind that allows customers to participate in Ethereum 2.0 (ETH2.0) staking at a low threshold, earn returns from Ethereum lock-up rewards and at the same time from additional token rewards, mining income and benefit from better liquidity from related DeFi projects. Users can easily access the new product via the trustworthy and secure app platform from Matrixport and take part in ETH2.0 assignments “with just two taps”.

The product “ETH2.0 staking earn” Matrixport aims to achieve returns between 3 and 10 percent. Users can achieve higher returns resulting from a combination of an average ETH2.0 stake premium of 2.30 percent *, DeFi mining token income of 6.81 percent * and transaction fee income of 0.14 percent *.

“ETH2.0 staking earn” generates additional income through the established DeFi protocols Curve and Lido, a liquid staking solution for ETH 2.0 supported by industry-leading staking providers. Lido is currently the largest decentralized contract for ETH 2.0 deployments with over 540,000 ETH deployments. By using Curve, users also benefit from stable currency exchange services with low slippage and low transaction fees.

John Ge, Matrixport’s co-founder and chairman of the board, said: “The transition to proof-of-stake is an important milestone for the ecosystem, but the hurdle for a meaningful participation in ETH 2.0 staking pools is still high for many. The groundbreaking one “ETH2.0 staking earn” von Matrixport combines robust ETH 2.0 bonuses with the liquidity advantages of DeFi protocols. In addition, the significantly lower investment thresholds encourage wider community participation. Our world-class product reflects Matrixport’s relentless commitment to bring innovative offerings to the market that will benefit the broader mass of crypto users. “

Matrixport users can reserve their shares from August 25 to August 31, 2021, which will then be confirmed on September 1, 2021. To allow easy access for ETH 2.0 investments, a lower investment threshold has been set with a minimum of 5 ETH. The return on investment is updated once a month within 3 working days of the open period at the end of each month. Unlike other staking pools, this allows “ETH2.0 staking earn” give users an early withdrawal for an additional service fee.

Konstantin Lomashuk, co-founder of Lido DAO, comments: “With the mission to make staking easy and secure while maintaining the decentralization and censorship resistance of Ethereum, this collaboration with Matrixport is perfectly aligned with the values ​​of Lido, as it involves broader participation at the Ethereum staking economy. Lido is committed to contributing as much as possible to the maturation of the DeFi staking economy and this is another important step in that direction. “

Matrixport enables investors to get more out of their cryptocurrency by discovering new ways to invest and generate returns in a safe and sustainable way. As the fastest growing crypto platform in Asia, Matrixport’s exponential growth has been driven by robust technological capabilities and innovative product offerings, such as the world’s first dual currency crypto product. Earlier this month, Matrixport announced the successful completion of its Series C funding round and valuation of over $ 1 billion. The company plans to continue its global expansion and obtain licenses to operate in additional countries.

* Yield data as of August 24, 2021. The current tariffs can be found in the Matrixport app.

Further information on “ETH2.0 Staking Earn” can also be found in this factsheet:

Matrixport information

Matrixport is one of the fastest growing financial services platforms for digital assets in Asia. With $ 10 billion in assets under management and custody, it offers crypto financial services from a single source with an average monthly trading volume of over $ 5 billion. The offering includes Cactus Custody (TM), Spot-OTC, Fixed Income, structured products, lending and asset management.

Matrixport, headquartered in Singapore, is committed to making crypto easy for everyone and its motto is “Get More From Your Crypto”. The company has licenses in Hong Kong and Switzerland and employs over 230 people who serve institutions as well as private customers in Asia and Europe. More information is available at:

Instagram: @matrixport_ 
Twitter: @realMatrixport 
LinkedIn: @Matrixport

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