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February 02, 2021 – 6:45 pm clock

Kylie Jenner finds emotional words for her daughter’s birthday

On February 1, 2018, Stormi Webster, the daughter of Kylie Jenner (23) and Travis Scott (28), was born. And now the little one is inevitably a star, after all, she belongs to one of the most famous and richest families in the world. The fact that Stormi is now three years old makes her mom Kylie cry. Time goes by way too fast for her, as she admits on Instagram. That’s why she looks back on Baby Stormi with some photos.

Stormi’s life in fast motion

“I’m crying today because I can’t stop time”

“Thank God for giving me this little soul,” Kylie begins her emotional birthday mail on February 1st. Her daughter’s third birthday is not easy for the 23-year-old: “I’m crying today because I can’t stop time. It’s all the little things that I miss: your sweet voice or our conversations in the potty. To see As you have experienced so many first times, have been the best moments in recent years. “

But Kylie not only has a crying, but also a laughing eye. Because as much as she misses Stormi as a baby, the more expectantly she looks to the future: “I’m curious to see how you will grow up to be the most special girl I know.”

Stormi is a star herself

Little Stormi was born into one of the most famous families in the world. Her mom was declared the youngest billionaire ever in 2019 and Stormi herself is already a star. From the outside, you might think that the 3-year-old really isn’t missing anything. And that’s exactly how Kylie’s followers see it. Among the birthday photos, they rave about Stormi’s life. One user jokes: “I want to be Stormi.” And another person writes something like: “At three years she has already experienced more than I did when I was 17.” After all, at a young age she already wears the most expensive designer clothes and has already graced the Vogue cover. So fans can be more than certain that they will see more of Stormi in the years to come.

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