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What is onlyfans? Find out here!

The Onlyfans portal has quickly developed into a popular destination for those for whom the usual erotic and sex sites are too impersonal. But what is onlyfans? What distinguishes it from the other sites, what is offered there and how do you get access? GIGA explains all of this to you here.

Onlyfans is aimed at fans – as the name suggests. But this is less about fans of film or music stars, it’s about fans of tingly eroticism, sex and even tough pornography. At least in Germany, this has already called the youth protectionists on the scene, who are calling for an age limit for only fans.

Onlyfans – what is it actually?

You could say that Onlyfans is a mixture of photo / video portal and Twitter. But that doesn’t really hit the portal’s goal. First and foremost, it’s about offering your “fans” erotic and even pornographic videos or pictures and collecting money for them. There are accounts with a different focus here and there, such as that of the Lithuanian stunt driver Šarūnas Kezys, but most of them say “sexual content for money”.

You can register there for free and then subscribe to the accounts that interest you – there is nothing to see beforehand. A distinction is made between free and paid subscriptions. Either way, you need a credit card – even for free subscriptions.

The prices are each for a subscribed account and determined by the account holder to a certain extent. There are accounts where access is $ 25 per month, while others cash in at $ 3.99 for 31 days.

Important to know: These are really payments per subscription – not a monthly fee for all Onlyfans accounts. Following multiple accounts can quickly become expensive.

Some “actresses” (in most cases women) also have a free account for promotional purposes and a VIP account for earnings. A good example is the actress Antje Nikola Mönning, who has drawn attention to herself in recent years mainly through her nude appearances and who can be found there free of charge and for a fee.

For the provision of the portal, Onlyfans collects 20 percent of the amounts paid and distributes the remaining 80 percent to the “Creator”.

Use onlyfans – as a provider or fan

The use of Onlyfans requires a verified account. As a mere “fan”, it is sufficient to confirm your email address. But if you want to provide pictures and videos for money, you also have to enter a bank account in your own name, the existence of which is checked. You also have to upload a picture of your ID and a selfie in which you can be seen next to this ID.

The only thing a fan can watch after registering are small, harmless advertising films on the start page. For everything beyond that, you need to subscribe to an account. Even with a free account, you have to add a “payment card” (credit or debit card) to your account. For this, a test amount of $ 0.10 is charged the first time – which checks the account.

You can then subscribe to any free accounts and – after agreeing to the payment – also get access to paid subscriptions. As usual with subscriptions, these are renewed automatically. But you can also take out subscriptions lasting several months and get discounts for them.

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