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USA: Tom Hanks’ son comes out against vaccination

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Chet Hanks, son of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, railed against the corona vaccination – although his parents were seriously ill with the virus.

Los Angeles – The coronavirus continues to be rampant in most of the world. The countries are trying to drive containment with the help of corona vaccinations, but there are many people who are critical of the vaccine. The son of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson has now come out as one of them. And that although his parents became seriously ill with Corona in March 2020.

The video uploaded to Chet Hanks’ Instagram account starts normally. He’s sitting in his car, filming himself talking. It’s about the corona pandemic: “I got vaccinated, I think everyone should do that because it’s very important,” he says in a calm voice. All Americans have to stand together because this is the only way to get the pandemic under control.

Chet Hanks railed against corona vaccination

But it shouldn’t stay that way. Because shortly afterwards he yells “vera ***” into the camera and begins to rail against the corona vaccination: “You don’t prick me with this bes ** needle,” says the 31-year-old, who claims to be a rapper and actor tries. Corona is just a cold, those affected should stay at home for a few days and not queue up. “Why do we have to follow you?” He asks, visibly upset.

The video was uploaded two days ago (local time), and another video followed on Wednesday (11.08.2021, local time). Because apparently Hanks got a lot of headwind for his statements. “I make it very easy for you: Just as you have the right to be mad at me because I said I won’t get vaccinated, I have the right not to,” he says in the short Video on his Instagram account – and starts a comparison. 99 percent of his followers would not use a shampoo that had not gone through several test phases, but would use a “trial vaccination by the government”.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson became seriously ill with Corona

Curious about it: Chet Hanks parents Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson fell ill with Corona in March 2020 and had to be treated in an Australian hospital. Even then, the celebrity couple’s son declared that his parents were not very sick. His father’s descriptions sounded very different. Because Tom Hanks reported crippling pain in his whole body and persistent tiredness and poor concentration, as the Spiegel writes. His wife Rita Wilson also had a high fever. (msb)

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