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TV tip: “Love Vegas” with Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher

Joy (Cameron Diaz) is left by her fiancé – from the assembled circle of friends who are hiding behind corners and couches for a surprise party. Jack (Ashton Kutcher) is fired by his own father. After such a bankruptcy you want to have fun – and where could that be better than in Las Vegas … It’s just stupid that the two of them not only celebrate and play there, but also get married spontaneously. Of course, they want to get a divorce right away. While they argue to the blood the next morning, they throw money into a slot machine and promptly win the jackpot of three million dollars. Nobody wants to share, of course, and the divorce judge doesn’t believe in it either. He doesn’t believe in divorce at all, and sentenced Joy and Jack to six months of married life, including a joint apartment and therapy sessions. Otherwise the money is gone.

What follows is not a big surprise, but it is often surprisingly funny. While both are trying to drive the other insane, or at least adultery, they inevitably grow closer. The perfectionist Joy learns to let herself go, the reluctant Jack must ultimately act responsibly. “Love Vegas” is a teenage comedy for adults in which nothing is too embarrassing for the main characters, from stealing toilets to fighting baguettes. Precisely because of this, the film is an unexpected free hour from sometimes far too logical life. kb

“Love Vegas” runs at 8:20 pm on Sat.1.

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