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Top earners in Hollywood: Netflix pays more

As a top earner in Hollywood you used to have to play in the top movies – but Netflix & Co. are changing the rules.

While Hollywood was once mainly about business on the big screen, it is now streaming services that give actors the most lucrative deals. At the top of 2020 best-paid actors was Dwayne Johnson with $ 87.5 million, but that could change this year: While we’re still waiting for the official list, it is already known that Daniel Craig will pay over 100 million for cashed his role in two “Knives Out” sequels. For 2021 “” expects these actors to be on the list of top earners:

  • Daniel Craig, $ 100 million
  • Dwayne Johnson, $ 50 million
  • Will Smith, $ 40 million
  • Denzel Washington, $ 40 million
  • Leonardo DiCaprio, $ 30 million
  • Mark Wahlberg, $ 30 million
  • Jennifer Lawrence, $ 25 million
  • Julia Roberts, $ 25 million
  • Sandra Bullock, $ 20 million
  • Ryan Gosling, $ 20 million
  • Chris Hemsworth, $ 20 million
  • Brad Pitt, $ 20 million
  • Michael B. Jordan, $ 15 million
  • Tom Cruise, $ 13 million
  • Keanu Reeves, $ 12 million
  • Chris Pine, $ 11.5 million
  • Robert Pattinson, $ 3 million

Chosen for you

Netflix pays more

Five years ago, fees like Robert Pattinson’s three million US dollars for “The Batman” or Sandra Bullock’s 20 million for “The Lost City of D” would have been top fees, but streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu & Co. raised the sums significantly. While Dwayne Johnson topped the list in 2016 with a total of 64 million, actors will be offered more money for individual productions in 2021. According to “Variety”, the stars earn the most from streaming titles:

  • Daniel Craig raised $ 100 million for his role as Detective Blanc on Knives Out.
  • Dwayne Johnson also landed up to $ 50 million for his role in “Red One”.
  • A whopping 30 million US dollars went into Leonardo DiCaprio’s pocket for the Netflix original “Don’t Look Up”, while Jennifer Lawrence pocketed 25 million for it.
  • Julia Roberts is also rewarded with $ 25 million for her role in Netflix’s “Leave the World Behind”.
  • Ryan Gosling receives $ 20 million for his role in “The Gray Man” – no wonder with a film budget of 200 million.

This turnaround is mainly due to the lack of cinema income, which the actors usually earn the most from: unlike in the case of movies, the actors in streaming blockbusters are usually paid in advance – regardless of what the streaming numbers of the titles will look like later.

Amazon and HBO Max are moving with them

Other streaming services are also turning their salaries: According to “Variety”, Denzel Washington and Will Smith each received 40 million US dollars for their roles in “The Little Things” and “King Richard”. For his work in the forthcoming fourth part of the “Matrix” series, Keanu Reeves is to receive performance-related bonuses in addition to his 12 million. Michael B. Jordan is also said to have already received 15 million for “Without Remorse” from Amazon Studios.

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