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Top 15: The top earners from Hollywood

Top 15: The top earners from Hollywood thanks to lucrative streaming deals

Some of the top earners of 2021 thanks to streaming (c) Sony / 20th Century Films / Walt Disney

Thanks to the streaming services, the fees of the film stars are sometimes rising to unimaginable heights. Which actors are making a lot of money as a result? Which VoD provider pays the best? How much do Daniel Craig, Dwayne Johnson, Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock and Co get for current roles?

The box office used to be a yardstick for the success of actors and their fees. Meanwhile, in the streaming age, box office results are no longer the only decisive factor, but rather viewer numbers and new customer acquisition. However, many streaming services keep a secret about the access numbers, but still throw money around in advance to secure the services of the stars. Variety has looked around and put together the best deals the Hollywood A-Listers have been able to get lately. Despite the shift from classic studios to streamers, the actors continue to receive princely remuneration.

Since 1996, some actors have been receiving a paycheck of $ 20 million per film. At that time, Jim Carrey was the pioneer for “The Cable Guy“. This sum is still valid today even at a certain salary level. This is how Sandra Bullock collects for “The Lost City of D“By Paramount, Brad Pitt for”Bullet Train“By Sony or Chris Hemsworth for”Thor: Love and Thunder“Disney and Marvel this sum. Meanwhile, Chris Pine can raise over $ 11.5 million for “Dungeons and Dragons“By Paramount certainly not to complain, while Robert Pattinson with three million dollars for”The Batman“More likely to be at the lower level of the remuneration of the big names.

While this would still be top sums a few years ago, this has changed somewhat with Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Co. According to Daniel Craig for the two sequels to “Knives out“Collect a little more than $ 100 million from your Netflix account. This can be explained by the fact that the streaming service pays based on what the calculated box-office result would look like if they only came to the cinema. In addition, there would have been more money per cinema sequel, which then brings the reigning James Bond actor into such spheres. But Dwayne Johnson, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence are also paid very well for streaming films.

This can be problematic for traditional studios such as Warner Bros., which have decided in 2021 to offer the films for one month on HBO Max for free and parallel to any theatrical releases. Because Will Smith and Denzel Washington still got $ 40 million each for their films. Keanu Reeves, meanwhile, has part of the profits from “Matrix 4“Recorded in his contract. His base salary was between $ 12 million and $ 14 million. Tom Cruise is once again an exception, because he receives a stake from the first dollar. This is how Cruise gets paid before the studio earns anything. He also has clauses in his contracts that additionally reward him for certain milestones at the box office. Top Gun: Maverick already has $ 13 million.

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Small note: Most of the actors listed will certainly make other films in the traditional studios that year, but these are not necessarily listed here. This is mainly about payments thanks to streaming deals or because of a status that has been developed in Hollywood.

Below you will find a list of the 15 top earners for the upcoming or current projects with a little more details.

Keanu Reeves – The Matrix 4

Not only “John Wick“Can include more than four parts, including the film series”The Matrix“Gets a fourth part and Keanu Reeves will return for it. For this he collects a base salary of 12 to 14 million US dollars and then an unspecified profit sharing. As things stand, the fourth Matrix film will be one of the last to be released via HBO Max and in the cinema at the same time. From 2022, Warner Bros. will return to longer, exclusive windows for feature films.

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