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Tom Cruise is said to have left Scientology

Tom Cruise (59) has been a loyal Scientology supporter for 35 years. The Hollywood star joined the sect in 1986 through his girlfriend at the time, Mimi Rogers. Over the years, he continued to rise and publicly promote the faith community. But now, of all things, the biggest figurehead of Scientology is said to have turned its back on the organization, as “The Sun” reports.

The British newspaper sees the reason for this claim in Cruise’s recent trip to England. The actor did not live as usual at Saint Hill Manor in East Grinstead, the British headquarters of the Church. Cruise settled into an apartment in Knightsbridge before moving on to a secluded house in Kent. On the other hand, he did not enter the sect’s property, the renovation of which he is said to have made financially possible in 2015. Nor was he spotted anywhere near.

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