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TikTok from Resti visit goes viral

US actor Adam Sandler was turned away at a restaurant. The employee only realized later who she was dealing with. The video went viral.

the essentials in brief

  • A video by Adam Sandler is currently going viral on the social platforms.
  • It shows how a restaurant employee gives him a basket when assigning a table.

Here Adam Sandler proves modesty: The recording of his short visit to a restaurant is currently going viral.

It all started when the US actor wanted to eat with his daughter in an IHOP store in Manhasset, New York State. In his usual trainer outfit, he was waiting to be taken to a table.

Then IHOP employee Dayanna Rodas came and announced to the “kid’s head” actor that the waiting time would be 30 minutes. At the time, Rodas is not yet clear who is standing in front of her. Adam Sandler doesn’t want to wait so long for his meal and leaves the restaurant again.

Only later did the employee realize who she was dealing with. A surveillance camera filmed the entire meeting, making it a viral hit. Rodas finally shows himself on the finished video with a clown filter. That shows how uncomfortable the Sandler discharge really is for her.

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