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This Sylvester Stallone film is gruesome in several ways

Sylvester Stallone wins the hearts of fans again in the cinema: The Suicide Squad wins where DC and Marvel otherwise fail. And that’s a little bit down to the cuddly King Shark, whom Stallone lent the voice for the comic book spectacle. Fans from the bottom of their hearts give him the shine moment – because In the cinema, things recently looked rather bleak for the action icon: Namely with Rambo: Last Blood, which runs today at 10:30 p.m. as a free TV premiere on RTL.

The fifth part of Rambo had a few weaknesses as its last screen appearance. The fact that he wanted to replace a sketchy plot with a spectacular depiction of violence is not the worst of it. That he portrays whole groups of people as dull beasts or amoral sadists, is much more important.

Mexico is a single hotbed of crime in Sylvester Stallone’s action blockbuster

The story of Rambo: Last Blood reads not unusual for a member of the series, one nice end to the long-serving franchise even appropriate: John Rambo (Stallone) has settled in rural Arizona on his father’s farm, where he only lives with his housekeeper Maria (Adriana Barraza) and their daughter Gabriela (Yvette Monreal).

Check out a German trailer for the fifth Rambo film here:

Rambo: Last Blood – Trailer 2 (German) HD


Rambo’s autumn days between riding out and traumatic war memories are suddenly mixed up when Gabriela is kidnapped in Mexico in search of her father. One last time he goes to war to free them from the hands of unscrupulous gangsters.

It was to be expected that a lot of blood would be spilled in the process – anything else would be surprising for the Rambo series, especially after the shockingly brutal predecessor John Rambo. Here too Rambo goes to work extremely brutally against his enemies, slashes, shoots, hacks, burns and wrecks the opposite side to death. But it becomes problematic when it comes to who he does this violence to.

Because Rambo 5 opens a huge rift between the righteous American and the Moloch Mexico: As soon as the border has been crossed, as the film tells, everyone must immediately expect murder, rape and absolute immorality.

Gabriela’s father simply left her and her mother because they got on his nerves. Her girlfriend immediately reveals her to a gang of brutal pimps without hesitation. Mexican streets and clubs are places where one wrong word can mean death.

Mexican gangsters like Victor Martinez (Óscar Jaenada) become Rambo’s enemies

The fact that Rambo is ultra-brutal is not for everyone, but for many fans it is a legitimate expectation. That’s okay too: Let it rain blood and split the bones and separates the torso from the limbs. But I can do without a racist corruption of Mexico, the neglect of which only the American soldier is able to fight.

The Mexicans in Rambo 5 are like cattle that the main character runs in front of the bone mill. There is not a single figure who could negate the impression of a wicked, dependent country – especially not the scanty female figures that the film alibi accuses you of.

Female characters are helpless victims in the Sylvester Stallone action

These include the kind-hearted housekeeper Maria and the investigative reporter Carmen (Paz Vega). As righteous Mexican women, they are supposed to balance out the poor portrayal of the country in the film, but this fails because of another form of dusty staging. Beware, spoilers!

Carmen helps Rambo

Because their role development is simply sexist. Maria is needed just as long as she gives Rambo a rescue mission as a mother. When her child dies, she is sent on a journey with a few outrageous words. Daughter Gabriela is no better off: When she once proves her will by looking for her father, he becomes immediately punished with abuse, rape and death, thus underlines both Rambo’s infallibility and his justification for excessive violence.

And even Carmen, possibly best suited as an independently acting figure, to provide Rambo with a feminine contrast, is ultimately nothing but a facade. It exists so that the film doesn’t have to be accused of total humiliation of Mexican people. And what is it for? She can treat Rambo and let him teach her that vengeance is better than finding peace of mind.

Rambo mourns

No expression of political progressiveness can be expected from the Rambo series. It was always about that strong American man helping the subjugated earth and is worshiped by all sorts of “weak” women. It’s not progressive, but it’s also not exceptional for an ’80s action series.

But not only have times changed since then, Rambo also seems to develop increasingly with age – but for the worse: What was previously the paternal-patronizing hand on the trigger is now a hateful US cowboy at war with the depraved neighboring country.

Few Rambo fans are likely to have a problem with severed limbs and fountains of blood. But just as few want one in the cinema Adore inhuman ideology. Rambo 5 looks a bit like having returned from a longer war effort – tired, exhausted and no longer in tune with a world striving for peace.

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