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This performer is the son of Jack Nicholson

A face in the cast of the new Amazon series “Panic” should look particularly familiar to the audience. This is due to the actor’s famous father and the resemblance is hard to miss once you know it.

The new Amazon Prime Video series “Panic” has been available for streaming since the end of May 2021. One actor in particular caught the eye of many viewers. Ray Nicholson, who is one of the young main characters in the series, should look familiar to many without having seen him before. But why is that? The answer to that is pretty self-explanatory: the 29-year-old actor is the son of famous actor Jack Nicholson (“Shining”). Ray has often been spotted with his father on the sidelines at LA Lakers matches. But with “Panic” he has his first big appearance in front of the camera. He obviously wants to follow in the footsteps of his world famous father.

That’s behind “Panic”

“Panic” is set in a small town in Texas, where every summer high school graduates compete against each other in a competition with a series of challenges – similar to the feature film “Nerve”. Those who manage to hold out to the end and even emerge as the winner can look forward to prize money of 50,000 dollars. The young adults see this as the only chance to escape their living conditions and leave everyday small-town life behind. But this year the winnings are bigger and the game more dangerous than usual. During these tasks, players will face their deepest, darkest fears and decide how much they are willing to risk to win. Ray Nicholson plays the character Ray Hall in the series “Panic”, who comes from a rather seedy family. Fortunately, this only applies to his TV role, because in real life Ray is part of a well-known family of actors.

Who is Ray Nicholson?

In addition to his father Jack Nicholson, his mother is no stranger either. It is none other than actress Rebecca Broussard. She starred in several films during the 1990s and 2000s, including “Mars Attacks!” and “Die Hard”. His sister Lorraine Nicholson is also active in the film industry and has appeared in films such as “Klick” with Adam Sandler or the drama “Soul Surfer”. Ray himself has so far only appeared in smaller roles. In addition to “Panic”, he was last seen in the feature film “Promising Young Woman”. The 29-year-old protects his privacy, because according to “” Ray Nicholson has no social media profiles. One thing is already certain: “Panic” will not be his only major role. Ray has already completed the filming of the upcoming film “Where Are You”. In addition to Nicholson, you can also see Anthony Hopkins, Madeline Brewer and Angela Sarafyan.

German trailer for “Panic” Season 1

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