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This is Adam Sandler’s wife, Jackie

Adam Sandler (54) celebrated great international successes with films such as “My Invented Wife” or “Grown Ups”. But things are not only going very well for him professionally, it couldn’t be better privately either: Adam has been married to his beautiful wife Jackie Sandler (46) for many years. We introduce you to the woman at his side.

Adam Sandler and wife Jackie have been married since 2003

Adam Sandler and his wife Jackie met on the set of the movie “Big Daddy”, where the former model got a role at Sandler’s side. The beautiful brunette must have turned the Hollywood star’s head because the two fell in love on the spot.


Since their first appearance together in the movie “Big Daddy”, the Sandlers have worked together several times. Jackie was also seen in the films “Chuck and Larry – Like Fire and Flame” and “Grownups”. In 2020 she also starred at his side in the horror comedy “Hubie Halloween”, which was published on Netflix.

To this day, Adam, who has lost a lot of weight, and Jacky are happily married and are now parents of two girls. Adam Sandler’s wife Jackie even converted to Judaism for her husband.



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