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This bank manager quit his job and loves new life

Rahkim Sabree is an entrepreneur and financial advisor.

Rahkim Sabree is an entrepreneur and financial advisor.

Rahkim Sabree

Rahkim Sabree is now a self-employed entrepreneur and financial expert.

In May, he quit his job as a bank manager, which he had held for over a decade.

Only when he resigned did he realize how much he had already lost himself in the corporate world.

I recently watched the cult classic “American Psycho” starring Christian Bale again. In doing so, I recognized parallels between the psychological stress of the main character and what I experienced in my old job in a company. This also included the pressure to search for “success”. But now, two months after leaving the corporate world, I’m happier than ever. I feel energetic, determined, and most importantly, I feel like myself again.

By resigning, I found my way back to my personal identity

Although I never got to the point where I felt like I was completely losing myself, as I did with Patrick Bateman, I felt the real me slip out of my mind. The way I spoke, the way I walked, and even the jokes I laughed at, seemed strange to me.

As soon as I pulled into the parking lot, I put on my company face. Whenever I came to the office and was on the phone with a good friend, the latter noticed when greeting my colleagues that the pitch and the tone of my voice had changed. I had learned not to contradict every time I felt humiliated, disrespected, ignored, or offended. I knew I couldn’t speak sincerely.

Since I quit, I feel free and can not only give myself as I am, but also as I want to be. I can be authentic in dealing with others, fully share my experiences and weaknesses and be and work with people who encourage and support me.

I worry less about the status of others

In one scene, Bateman goes out to dinner with his colleagues after work – and when they are about to leave the restaurant, they all throw their AMEX credit cards on the table to pay the bill. Although this is a seemingly harmless moment in the film, it shows us that the desire to be recognized by colleagues is a very real thing, especially as a black or colored person. This need to integrate into the dominant culture and emulate the people around us can cause a rupture in our identities. So-called code switching is like speaking another language.

I also used to own a platinum AMEX credit card that came with a sizable annual fee of $ 500. When I put the card on the table, it was definitely a welcome opportunity to talk. I originally applied for the card for its travel services, including access to private airport waiting areas. But I also wanted to experience what such a status feels like. The corporate culture rewards those who adapt and baffles those who don’t. When Bateman was asked by his fiancée why he didn’t just quit, he replied, “Because I want to belong.”

After two charge cycles, I decided that the $ 500 charge for the status symbol was no longer worth it and canceled the card. I found another AMEX card with no annual fee that I knew was a more financially sensible choice for me.

Resigning saved me from being myself

I never got to the point where I felt completely lost. Still, I knew that I was walking a fine line and distancing myself from who I was and wanted to be. My job determined in many ways how I presented myself “professionally” and what that meant for me. I was led to believe that I had to look, talk, or dress a certain way. Since I quit, I know that’s just not true.

Today I can say openly what I think and how I feel. And all of this without my being disadvantaged in performance appraisals or in discussions about salary increases, bonuses or promotions. Outside of the corporate world, I can be myself.

This article was translated from English and edited by Ilona Tomić. You can read the original here.

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